The Way of the Champions: 5 Tools of a Triumphant Team!

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The Way of the Champions: 5 Tools of a Triumphant Team!

Workshops and Keynotes

You are truly the best speaker I have ever heard, and my first day back in my sales territory, I was charged.  I let everyone know how you changed us with you dynamic inspirational speech.  Your message…is tailored to the spirit that is required to motivate yourself permanently, and ensure personal growth.  We broke a district record by selling 154 registrations. All of us realize that this success was a direct result of our keynote speaker.  Thanks for a great contribution to the Spring Conference!

Bob Sloan
Fall Conference Chair 2001

Ready to break some of YOUR own records?

Sometimes 2+2 can equal 10 and sometimes it can equal 1. What is the difference? Some teams work together while others fall apart. What is the difference?

The difference-makers are the 5 tools your team will pick up from Craig Valentine in this invaluable program. Your team will never be the same!

Contact Craig if you want a team that…

  • is committed to continous improvement
  • stays involved, committed, and takes ownership
  • gets more done with less stress and in less time
  • becomes the team others wish they were on
  • keeps morale soaring

Just saying ‘thank you’ would not do justice to how appreciative I am (along with my fellow club officers) that you came to speak at our Open House.  Your speech really inspired the audience and your abilities were praised long after you left the room!  We had quite a few enthusiastic individuals sign-up to become new members. I am sure due in large part to your motivating words.  All in all, the Open House was a great success – and we’re so happy you were a part of it!

Mara Cummins
IT Network Implementation
Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel)

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