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Les Brown

Craig Valentine is the best trainer of speakers that I’ve seen since coming into this industry.”

Les Brown, World's Leading Motivational Speaker

All of my groundbreaking courses are completely Online and ready for you to access at anytime from anywhere around the globe. Plus, you’ll be able to “jump on the MIC” every month and you’ll see what this means as you read more.

Hi Craig, Good news from Edmonton… I just signed my biggest contract to date. Thanks for all your coaching and support… keep up the great work, you really are making a difference in the lives of others.”

Martin Presse

Craig Valentine, World Champion of Public Speaking

Dear Fellow Speaker,

Would you like to become a profitable speaker that others sign up and line up to see?

Do you want to make more money in one hour than most speakers make in many months?

How would you like to have the confidence and competence to KNOW you can connect with any audience at any time?

Well, guess what? You can’t! That’s right. You can’t, unless…

…you master each piece of public speaking.

What do you mean by mastering each piece?

Well, if you want to create a masterpiece, you first have to master each piece.

There are several pieces to the public speaking puzzle such as storytelling, keynoting, delivery, back of the room sales, humor, owning the stage, structure, content, and more.

Unfortunately, many would-be-profitable speakers don’t have access to the tools needed to master each of them and so their careers stay stuck in place.

The Reason Speakers Fail in this Business

Think about it. Some would-be-world-class speakers can tell great stories but can’t put them into a keynote that others will pay to see. What do you think happens to them as a result? Nothing! Not many organizations will pay you just for a story.

Other would-be-profitable speakers deliver fantastic keynote speeches but leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table each year by failing to master back of the room sales. What do you think this failure is costing these speakers? I know the answer. A speaking career.

Many should-be-constantly-booked speakers fail to get engagements because, although they have wonderful content, they fail to make their audiences laugh on a consistent basis. Would you want to be in their audience? I’ve never had a meeting planner say, “Craig, can you come in here and bore this group to death, please?”

The Profits Comes from the Pie

Do you see my point?

If you want to be that profitable speaker at the top of the meeting planners’ lists, you can’t simply master one slice of public speaking. You must master the entire pie. The profit comes from the pie.

These slices may not actually be equal in terms of importance, but it’s still important to master each of them to become the profitable speaker others sign up and line up to see. Have you mastered each of them? See for yourself.

Let’s take a quick quiz to see how you’re doing as a speaker?

10 Question Speaker Quiz

How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10
(1 being pretty poor and 10 being excellent)?

Your Score


You get hired and re-hired to speak on a regular basis.


You tell captivating stories and make unforgettable points.


You can give several compelling 30-90 minute keynote speeches or seminars.


You make at least an extra $3,000 to $10,000 per speech with back of the room sales and you do it without annoying your audience members.


You keep your audience laughing with relevant humor throughout your entire presentation.


You turn your live presentations into multiple streams of speaking income (i.e. products, passive income, recurring income, etc.)


You deliver your message in ways that create an experience and not just a speech.


You use spontaneity to spark the speech and make each audience feel special.


You influence your audience to actually take action on your message.


If I called you today to do a 60-minute keynote speech tomorrow (on your topic area), you would feel confident in being able to hit a home run with that audience the next day.

Well, how did you do? Did anything pop out at you that you need to improve?

The reason for the quiz is because these are the areas you must master to become the kind of speaker that’s booked often and paid well.

I firmly believe that success in speaking involves 10% talent and 90% tools.

Do you feel that you have all of the right tools?

Let My Long Road Lead to Your Shortcut

When I started as a speaker, it wasn’t easy to find these tools. In fact, it took me more than 16 years of serious endless searching, failing, falling on my face, getting back up, asking, paying, praying, testing, and tweaking before I began to figure out the systems, processes, and formulas that led me to more presentations and much more profits.

My journey literally included blood, sweat, and tears as I was simply trying to make it.

The tools were so disparate that it felt like I was searching in a thousand different directions and I was still ending up lost.

Good News!

This is where the good news comes in for you. I could never find all of the necessary speaking tools in one place but you can. That’s right! YOU can. And do you know why? Because I’ve created that place… a one-stop-shop for your speaking success.

...I am happy to announce the

Craig Valentine
Speak and Prosper Academy

which is designed to help you become a highly-successful, well-paid speaker in great-demand.

What does the Speak and Prosper Academy Include?

 The Speak and Prosper Academy includes the following:

Unlimited-Access to 8 groundbreaking Home-Study Courses for Speakers that will change your future and your fortune in speaking. The courses have more than 70 hours of audio and video instruction plus interactive workbooks that contain models, formulas, step-by-step instructions, dos and don’ts, and tools for building yourself into a top-notch speaker in high-demand.

FREE admission to jump on the MICs (Monthly Implementation Calls) presented by Craig so you can put these tools to use and immediately reap the life-changing rewards. Don't worry if you miss a call because all of the calls will be recorded

Access to the Craig Valentine Speak and Prosper Academy’s Exclusive Facebook Community where you can quickly increase your speaking abilities and opportunities by interacting with Craig, several Certified World Class Speaking Coaches, and other speakers. Access into this group is optional but certainly suggested.

Finally, you can find all of the necessary tools in one place with this all-you-can-eat academy of proven programs. It’s your one-stop-shop for speaking success.

Learn the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of storytelling, keynoting, delivery, humor, income generation, owning the stage, back of the room sales, and much more all in one place! See how to build your speeches, your confidence, and your income all at the same time.

You'll have unlimited access to all 8
Home Study Courses for Speakers

The Craig Valentine Speak and Prosper Academy will help you become the speaker that others sign up and line up to see

Let’s take a look at what you’ll be able to do after registering for Craig Valentine's Speak and Prosper Academy.

This is a comprehensive, content-rich, most meat-per-minute Academy designed for speakers/presenters who want to touch lives and get paid well in the process. By joining the Craig Valentine Speak and Prosper Academy, you will…

  • Discover the 9-piece formula for telling “$10,000 stories” that get remembered and repeated and get you hired and re-hired
  • Understand how to use the PARTS Formula for a modular approach so you can quickly customize your keynotes AND speak on a moment’s notice (don’t get ready; stay ready…and take advantage of speaking opportunities and income)
  • Understand the 9-step system on how to create keynote speeches that organizations will pay handsomely for time and time again
  • Learn the 5-part method for mastering back of the room sales you can use to generate an extra $3,000 to $10,000 per speech (even from free speeches and even if you don’t have your own products yet)
  • Uncover 40 Delivery Devices (and watch them in action through video instruction) on how the most successful speakers use DELIVERY to go beyond giving a speech to creating an EXPERIENCE
  • Pick up 33 ways to uncover organic HUMOR that keeps you on message and keeps your audience on the edge of their seats (unless they fall off from laughing)
  • See how to have an unshakeable confidence in front of any and all audiences
  • Quickly separate yourself from average speakers by integrating a 49-point checklist (in a Guide to Greatness workbook) on how to not just take the stage but to own it!
  • Find out exactly how to generate multiple streams of speaking income so that you won’t feel unemployed between each speaking engagement
  • Grasp how to turn a 5-7 minute speech into a 30, 45, 60, or 90 minute program that’s worth thousands (and do it without the stress and frustration most speakers feel)!
  • Discover how to resuscitate your dying stories and bring them back to life better than ever
  • Explore how to leverage one engagement into multiple income streams so that the speech becomes the gift that keeps on giving to you and others
  • Uncover the secrets for getting compensated from every speech (even from your free ones)
  • See how to become known as the best speaker in your neck of the woods
  • Be able to build a speaking empire by learning how to SWAP (Sell Without Annoying People) using the 9 ingredients that will bring you more opportunities and income
  • And this list only includes SOME of the tools you’ll pick up in the Academy. There are many more tools that will make a huge difference in your future as a speaker

Hi Craig, I used all your stuff…The whole experience was fantastic. I’m thrilled with the presentation and thrilled with how I naturally sold my products…You are a great role-model, in so many ways, as I see in you how I want to be.”

  Trisha Sveistrup
Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Semi-Finalist for 2010 World Champion of Public Speaking

From Broke to a Breakthrough

When I wrote my first book, "The Nuts and Bolts of Public Speaking", I made one mistake that prevented me from making much money. With this one misstep, I left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

However, by the time I wrote my second book, "World Class Speaking", I had made the one correction that, to date, has brought in an extra $971,253.60. Simply by understanding what needed to be done (i.e. using the right tools) I met with success and, the best part is, that’s only one stream of income.

World Class Speaking

Mistakes like the one I made are being made in every area of public speaking so imagine what your speaking career could be like with constant breakthroughs like the one I had. I can tell you what your career would feel like. Like a masterpiece!

I learned more from you in one hour than I have in years of giving speeches.

You are a master of your game.

Thank you for inspiring me to find my own voice and greatness as a speaker!! Thank you!

  Pele Raymond Ugboajah
Author, Speaker, Business Coach, DreamBanc, L.L.C.

Here’s How You Can Become a Well-paid, Well-known, Well-Booked Speaker by registering for the Craig Valentine Speak and Prosper Academy

When you follow the step by step processes of the models and formulas you will pick up in this Academy, you will internalize the content and automatically become the kind of speaker who can keep your audience on the edge of their seats. As a result, you can become the go-to speaker on your topic for organizations around the world.

What are the Exact Courses You Get Online Access to Immediately?

You get 8 Home-Study Courses completely Online including…


Edge of their Seats Home-Study Course for Speakers $297

The Storytelling Compass is the best tool I’ve ever used in speech creation/improvement.

I’ve gone through the program twice. The compass helps me tear the speech apart, reconstruct it following your format, and it is a much more powerful and audience-focused speech.

The Compass alone is worth at least 50 times what I paid for the program."

  Michael R Davis
the Storytelling MD,, Certified World Class Speaking Coach

I now deliver better presentations in 20 minutes than I did in 60 minutes; moreover, my closing ratio has increased 350% thanks to the lessons learned in The Edge of Their Seats Storytelling Home-Study Course. Craig’s 9 Step Formula has changed my life and it will change yours..."

Kevin D. Gross
MBA, President, Alumni Connection


Create Your Killer Keynote Home-Study Course for Speakers $247

"Craig Valentine is like the Jazz Master of Public Speaking. A lot of speakers know how to work magic. A few know how to explain it. But no one can share it as well as Craig Valentine. I’m sure I’ll be a student of Craig Valentine for life."


Humor Speaking Secrets Home-Study Course for Speakers $297

"Your speaking style blew up my mind the first time I saw you at the… conference. I never laughed as much at a presentation. You showed me new horizons. Thank you for… sharing your secrets with other speakers."

Dr. Anna Margolina Ph.D., Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, and Life Coach

"I understand at a much deeper level why I laughed 100 times in 45 minutes, without you telling jokes. Thank you so much for your gifts."

Mike Corob DTM, California


Back of the Room Sales Home-Study Course for Speakers $297

"As veteran in the speaking industry I must say Craig Valentine’s system for selling is without a doubt the Best Ever produced for my profession…” Les Brown CPAE (National Speaker’s Association Hall of Fame), Toastmaster’s Golden Gavel award Recipient"


Dynamic Delivery Devices Home-Study Course (in Video) for Speakers $147

"Thanks to the…Dynamic Delivery Devices…several of the attendees commented on my stories and "lessons". Folks came up to me during the next 2 days and explained how they could relate to them. And 86% of the people rated the presentation as Excellent!!! Thanks Craig - I could not have done it without you."

Tom Schweizer Mentor - Certified Coach - Speaker Not-For-Profit Success!


Own the Stage (2-day Bootcamp in a Box) Video Course with Craig Valentine and Darrel LaCroix $995

"It’s hard to impress me - but this was beyond phenomenal. It’s one decade of learning compressed into two days ...with mind-blowing results.."

Michael Plaks, Houston, TX

"I traveled 17 hours to go to this Boot Camp, and it was worth every hour. The investment was returned triple fold. The knowledge you get from this camp, you can’t put a price on it."

Jennifer Leone, Talk Trainers, Australia

"You inspired me, educated me, and cared about my dreams. I am 20,000 times better than I would have been without Craig and Darren."

Dr. Alduan Tartt, Decatur, GA


Secrets of Storytelling Home-Study Course (in Video) for Speakers $497

"Using your Storytelling home study course made the difference between getting lukewarm reviews and raving fans. That is because I can connect with an audience at a visceral level now. Thank you!"

CROIX SATHER Speaker, Author of Dream Big Act Big


Speak and Prosper: 6 Weeks to Speaking Success Teleseminar Series with Craig Valentine featuring guest experts including Les Brown, Willie Jolley, Patricia Fripp, Bill Cates, Sheryl Roush, Darren LaCroix, Ed Tate, Tina Cook, Mitch Meyerson and more) $297

"Hi Craig. Surpassed my expectations yet again! Thank you so much. Loved all of the content! Excellent! I had to crack up though, when you mentioned the "teases" on the sports show. I'm a former TV news anchor...and that's exactly what we do. Thank you for such an outstanding job!"

Diana Damron, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

So Much Value ($3,074 worth)

As you can see from the prices, if you were to purchase each of these programs separately, you’d pay $3,074.00. Fortunately, as you will see below, there is a much more exciting opportunity available to you.

Your Story Telling Home Study course…is outstanding! I will be speaking this week at the National Honors Society induction ceremony and I have already started incorporating many elements from your audios into my presentation. Thank you for putting together high quality, valuable and inspirational products to help others like me follow in your footsteps.”

  Brian J Old
Speaker, Olds International

Jump on the MIC (Monthly Implementation Call) with Craig

In addition to the all-you-can-eat buffet of top-notch home-study courses you will instantly access, you’ll also be able to turbo-boost your speeches and your career by having FREE ADMISSION to jump on my Zoom MICs (Monthly Implementation Calls).

These calls will show you exactly how to keep your audience hooked and keep you booked to speak time and time again. 

On these Zoom calls we will do deep dives into the advanced tools you will not find anywhere else.

Act Now and Also Claim Your 51 Free Bonuses worth $297 plus Craig's call on How to Give Amazing Speeches via Zoom

To make this offer even better, you'll gain immediate access to 51 of Craig’s greatest audio lessons (10-15 minutes each) on mastering all aspects of the art of public speaking.
Note: These are NOT the same lessons from Craig’s 52 Speaking Tips site or Craig's 50 Speaking Secrets site. 

Think about it. If you spread each of these audio lessons out once per week, you’d have nearly an entire year worth of lessons for FREE.

I think you'll agree that these 51 FREE bonuses will greatly enhance your speaking success. These lessons, and the new Zoom Training on How to Give Amazing Speeches via Zoom are all yours for free when you register for the Craig Valentine Speak and Prosper Academy. You get them the moment you register.

I can honestly say that your coaching put me light years ahead of where I would have been. The feedback that I have been getting from my attendees at my seminars has been nothing short of amazing! Thank you Craig.”

  Lewis Roth

This Academy is NOT for you if...

- Your only goal is to win a speech contest

- Your only objective is to get over the fear of speaking

This Academy IS for you if...

- You want to become a well-paid speaker in high-demand

- You want to see the world and touch lives across it

- You don’t mind becoming well-known as the best speaker in your neck of the woods

- You want to be successful AND significant as a speaker

- You want to gain the confidence to KNOW you will connect with each and every audience

- You want to develop multiple streams of speaking income

- You don’t want to waste your time, energy, and frustration following formulas that don’t work

WHERE are the courses?

They’re Online in the Academy. You can access them instantly at your home or office or anywhere via the Internet! You can even download the audios and workbooks to access them offline. You can’t download the videos but you can certainly view them online and the great news is they are always with you as long as you have internet access!

There’s no travel! You simply access the 8 home-study courses and MICs (Monthly Implementation Calls) from wherever you happen to be (home, office, bed) at any given time. No airports, no hassle, no travel, no rental cars, no hotel rooms, and no additional expenses. Just log on and lift off!

How can you get started and how does it work?

Simply scroll down to register. Once you register, you will be taken directly into the Academy where you can access all of the courses. You’ll also immediately receive an e-mail (it may take a little longer if you use PayPal) with your login information you can use for future ongoing access.

Craig Valentine is like the Jazz Master of Public Speaking. A lot of speakers know how to work magic. A few know how to explain it. But no one can share it as well as Craig Valentine. I’m sure I’ll be a student of Craig Valentine for life.”

  William Reed,
World Class Speaking Coach, Tokyo, Japan

Partnerships = Profits (the Community)

When I hold live in-person events, one of the pieces of feedback I usually receive is that the participants really value meeting the other participants. Well, why stop this now? You will have access to an exclusive Facebook Community made up of other speakers who have registered for the Craig Valentine Speak and Prosper Academy.

This is a place to exchange ideas, reinforce what you learn in the courses, and possibly even join forces with others on your path. It is also filled with Certified World Class Speaking Coaches in case you want to get world-class advice from coaches who can help you soar as a speaker. Speakers don’t make it alone. If I didn’t have my business partners, I wouldn’t have survived this industry. Partnerships = profits.

Oh, and I am in the Community as well so I look forward to connecting with you!

I learned of you and your work through my coach… and boy am I glad I did! You have the most on-target advice to help us become powerful and awesome speakers that I’ve ever heard.”

Dr. Flora Brown

I’ve written my first book on public speaking…my platform skills and confidence have been enhanced under Craig’s guidance. I now am repeatedly asked to be an opening keynote speaker at conferences. If Craig Valentine’s teachings have done all this for me, what possibilities are there for you in discovering the tools this master speaker is ready, willing and able to offer you?”

  Kathryn MacKenzie M.Ed.
Presentation Skills Instructor, Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Keynote Speaker

Craig, I’ve only had your course for two months and I already used it to sell $4,150 of product from a free speech!
Thank you so much for creating such an incredible product!"

Guy Burns
Speaker and Seminar Leader in Virginia Beach, VA

If you're like me, you might be thinking, “But Craig, there are so many programs out there promising to teach the art of speaking. Why should I attend yours over someone else’s?

That’s a great question.

Why Learn from Me (Craig Valentine)?

There are at least 6 major reasons why you’ll want to learn from me.

Reason One: Unlike many of the current public speaking coaches, I am actually a busy speaker. That’s right. I’m out on the circuit speaking and getting paid handsomely. In other words, I’m walking my talk and I know what doesn’t work TODAY that maybe did work yesterday.

You were the talk of the conference! People who have attended the conference for years said that this was the best session the conference has ever had.” Sarah M. Heaton, Grants Managers Network

The one word that I kept hearing to describe your presentation was phenomenal. You were phenomenal, inspiring, uplifting, and most of all motivating. Thank you once again.” Tamika L. Baxley, US Probation Office, ED/PA

You were FANTASTIC. You energized the attendees to maximize learning, network, and share. The feedback was so positive on your session. ‘Gracias’ is not enough.” Lenys M Alcoreza, National Vice President, Sales, United Healthcare

Reason Two: I have some of the most successful professional speakers of all time as guest experts including Les Brown, Willie Jolley, Patricia Fripp, Bill Cates, Darren LaCroix, Mitch Meyerson, Ed Tate, Sheryl Roush, Tina Cook, Michael Hauge, and more!

Reason Three: You should know one very important thing about me. I am not a natural. It’s second-nature now, but I’m not a natural.

Why is that important to you? If you think you are a natural speaker then, even with all the greatest tools in the world, you won’t be able to connect deeply with your audience. Why? Because in speaking you don’t want to be special to your audience. You want to be similar to them. In these courses you’ll find out why and how.

I’m simply a person who, through blood, sweat, tears, and lots of failures, has uncovered the tools that continue to work for me and for the hundreds of speakers I have coached personally and the thousands who have invested in my programs.

Reason Four: Here’s something you’ll get from me that you won’t find in most courses. Because I’m actually out there speaking all the time, you’ll hear and see live examples from my speeches that illustrate the lessons you pick up.

This helps you go beyond theory to see EXACTLY how you can apply the tools you gain in the course. This is one of the main reasons why I have thousands of customers in dozens of countries. Plus, you’ll be able to JUMP ON THE MIC (Monthly Implementation Calls) with me to put the tools from the courses to work in your speeches.

Reason Five: There is no fluff in the courses. Have you ever accessed a course and it seemed to take forever to get to something valuable and practical? Well, you don’t have to worry about that here. In fact, you’ll get the nuts and bolts. You’ll receive workbooks and action guides that I’m sure you’ll fill with notes and actions you can take to become the best speaker in your neck of the woods.

Reason Six: You’ll become a complete speaker. You see, many would-be speakers are good at one thing but poor at others. For example, some are good storytellers. But that’s not enough.

Some have a very engaging delivery. But that’s not enough.

Some are good at stories and content and delivery but even that’s not enough. For example, most speakers are missing a huge key ingredient to really making it big as a speaker. They don’t know how to sell from the back of the room.

Hard to Watch

It’s hard for me to watch some speakers because I know that, as good as they are, they won’t be in business for long. Why? Because they haven’t mastered BORS (Back of the Room Sales).

The funny little secret is that mastering back of the room sales gets you more opportunities to be in the front of the room. That’s right. Your products promote your speaking engagements. Then your speaking engagements promote your products. Once you land on this wonderful Speaker’s Cycle of Wealth, you see opportunities and money coming at you from every angle.

Speaker’s Cycle of Wealth

Name one hugely successful speaker that doesn’t have a product or know how to sell it.

Back of the Room Sales

But what if you Don’t SWAP (Sell Without Annoying People)

You also have those speakers who actually DO know how to sell from the back of the room but there’s one big problem. They annoy their audiences. They too won’t be in business for long, because they won’t get that all-important repeat business. After all, what good is selling from the back of the room when you’re ticking off the rest of the room?

My unknown Story

What you might not know about me is that I used to be an Events Manager and part of my job was to set up the stage for speakers at technology expos around the USA. Think about that! I was setting up the stage for the speakers when, all the while, I wished to BE the speaker. It was excruciating.

At every event I would move the chairs in the audience and set up the lectern and tape down the power cords. However, there was something that I did EVERY SINGLE TIME that I truly believe started me on this path of being a successful speaker.

Before the audience would come in, I would stand behind the lectern, gaze out into the empty seats, and imagine that one day an audience would show up for me. In my mind’s eye, I would see people laughing and hear their applause and feel their energy. And each time I stood behind a lectern, I repeated a mantra that said, “Today I move the chairs; tomorrow I move the audience.”

The only problem I had was figuring out how I could turn tomorrow into today. Years later, one question made all of the difference for my career.

A Life-Changing Question

Ask yourself this question:

“Is it worth making one small investment to have a hugely profitable and successful speaking career for the rest of my life?”

When I answered that question for myself, I immediately invested $4,000 for a day of speech coaching and that was the turning point for my entire career.

Turning Tomorrow Into Today

I can still remember THE day when I finished a speaking engagement, shook hands with dozens and dozens of influential CEOs that were in my audience, and then hopped into the limo that took me back to the airport.

As we rode I started thinking, “Wow! This is a long way from those days standing behind the lecterns telling myself that one day I’d move the audience.” That day I was SURE they were moved.

Times have Changed!
When your skills grow, your audiences grow!

When your skills grow, your audiences grow!

What made the difference for me between the old scarce days and the new prosperous days?

The answer is simple. Tools! Although it took years, I uncovered the tools that helped me build the speeches that continue to build my career.

Instead of a decade of trial and error, you can get these same tools instantly.

Just think, you can make this YOUR YEAR to be the speaker you’ve always wanted to be with the opportunities you’ve always wanted to have!

Craig, the emails coming into my box are flooded with gratitude from others thanking me for giving them the greatest moment of their life in being able to witness your training session.”

Kumaran M. Pethi
DTM, Div.Governor,Div.L, D-82, Ovation Chairperson in Mysore, India