When Telling a Story, A Speaker Must Commit to…

As a speaker, when you deliver your story, you must commit to something that you will pick up in the live audio below. Nearly 14 years ago, I shared this important idea with a small audience in Ohio and I’ve recently recovered the audio of it.

When you follow the advice in the audio below, you will make your stories much more visual and have your audience members feel like they were there! Commit to…

Holding the alligator on the swamp tour

Questions to ask yourself about your scene

What can we see on the upper level of your scene?

What can we see on the lower level of your scene?

What can we see on the level of your scene?

Where are you in your scene?

Where do you want your audience to be in your scene?

What is the consequence of walking back and forth all over your scene?

What can we hear in your scene?

What can we smell in your scene?

What can we feel in your scene?

What do the other main characters look like (just give a hint)?

What do the other main characters sound like?


Final Thoughts

Although you want to create a memorable scene, it’s important to do it quickly so that you can rapidly get to the conflict in your story and hook your audience into it.


Your Turn

Take one of your scenes and answer the questions above.


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