What really tells the story?

Here is a video coaching I did for a presenter and we worked on that missing ingredient necessary for telling your story effectively.

Important note: This missing ingredient was originally driven home to me by my good friend and fellow World Champion, Darren LaCroix. So the credit for this message goes to Darren. Enjoy the video:

Thoughts to remember:

  • It’s the look before and after that line that really makes the line work
  • Both posture and positioning of your characters are important when delivering their lines
  • Paint the picture of where each character is located. Should he/she be looking up, down, near, or far away, etc. when delivering his/her lines?
  • Make sure we (the audience members) know which character is talking. Posture, positioning, and using the other character’s name in the line of dialogue all contribute to this clarity.
  • Make sure you take on the persona of each character. For example, the Police Officer should come across as authoritative.
  • Posture, Positioning, and Persona will breathe life into each scene.
Craig Valentine

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