Uncover Humor in Speaking with the Look Before and After the Line

Do you want to add humor to your speeches?

Never add humor to your speeches. Always uncover humor within them.

When you add humor, you often have to go on a detour to find it. This takes your audience off the path of your message, and you definitely don’t want that.

So where can you uncover humor?

To find organic humor in your speeches, look into your stories. More specifically you can look to your characters. Even more specifically you can look at your characters’ dialogue. And, finally, even more specifically, you can take a look at the looks you give before and after your lines of dialogue.

I think of the following visual when I begin to uncover humor:

Stories →Characters→Dialogue→Looks

Take a look at the following video lesson and SEE exactly how these looks can pay off for you and your audiences in terms of humor and impact.

Your Turn

Can you share a line of dialogue that you use and explain the look that you give before or after it? How does that look affect your audience?

Final Thoughts

When it comes to being able to uncover humor, it’s often not the line that needs help, but the look. Once you show your expression, you make a great impression and that often results in a laugh. Thanks for reading. I’ll touch base again next week!


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Craig Valentine

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