Tori Valentine

​​5 Reasons to Get this Top Two-Way Player
from Maryland

1. Need a Bucket?

Tori Valentine is a lightening quick (and fast) 2020 Guard who is a lock-down defender and unstoppable on offense. She earned 1st Team All State honors after averaging 19.9 points, 8.7 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 3.5 steals in her junior season while shooting an efficient 52.5% from the field. She scored 20+ points 15 times this season and finished her Junior season 2 points shy of 1000 for her career. Need points? Watch how Tori helps you get them.  

2. Need a Stop?

Not only does Tori shut down guards on the other team, but she also specializes in quickly turning defense into offense. Averaging a league-leading 3.5 steals per game, Tori disrupts the  opponent's offense before it even gets started. Watch the video below to see how she can help you get stops.  

3. Need an  Assist?

Speed kills and Tori is always the fastest player on the court. This allows her to break down and dissect defenses to get her teammates easy baskets and average a league-leading 5.4 assists per game. Watch the video below to see how Tori gets open shots for her teammates. 

4. Need a Rebound?

How many point guards do you know who average nearly 9 rebounds per game? Tori even had one game with 24 points and 17 rebounds. Whether grabbing defensive or offensive boards, she specializes in turning rebounds into buckets. Watch the video below to see how Tori can help you get boards and buckets. 

5. Need a Win?

Below is an example of Tori helping her team win vs. one of the top-ranked teams in the state of Maryland. Her unmatched speed and quickness, along with great vision and court savvy, combined with a motor that never quits, results in wins. Watch the video below to see the type of heart Tori pours into every game. 

Academic and Additional Achievements

Tori has a 4.4 GPA in school and excels in the high-level AP courses. She is also a USATF National Champion and a MD High School State Champion in track and field.  

How to Contact Tori


​8775 Centre Park Dr. #559
​Columbia, MD 21043
United States



Watch the following sample of videos (game by game) to see how Satori Earned 1st Team All State Honors

Tori Valentine

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