The Most Important Word in Speaking Is…

YOU! The word YOU is the most important word in speaking but it is not used enough. One great place to use it is at the beginning of your speech when you set up the structure. Most speakers say, “I would like to share with you 3 strategies to help you do this or that.” However, here’s a thought: nobody cares what “I would like to share.” Instead, we care about what we (the audience) will receive.

Therefore, anytime you find yourself saying something like, “I am going to share 3 ways…” say instead, “YOU are going to receive” or “YOU are about to pick up 3 new tools to help you master change.” Do you see the difference? Using the word YOU brings the audience to you and keeps your focus exactly where it should be…on your AUDIENCE. YOU is the most important word in speaking.

Craig Valentine

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