The Most Important Thing I Did to Build My Speaking Business

Great memories of speaking in Mysore, India

One of the biggest and quickest turning points for the growth of my speaking business came when I decided to create something that you’ll hear about in this video.

First, you’ll get an understanding of the theory behind the different parts of my business and then you’ll pick up the number 1 practical thing I implemented that changed everything. This one decision brought me…

  • More speaking engagements
  • More product sales
  • More prospects
  • A better connection and trust with my audience and with the people who follow me
  • Notoriety and unlimited opportunities
  • The ability to touch many more lives on an ongoing basis

The Great News?

The great news is you can do this too. It won’t take long and it will be well worth it. It will be the gift that keeps on giving to others and to you. Take a look at the video to uncover this very practical tool.

Your Turn

What is your expertise? You now know what to do. Whether you do 52, 26, or even 13, do it. The payoff is tremendous.

Another Fantastic Way to Build Your Business?

Through my experience, and through the experiences of many speakers who tried to build their business solely on one kind of income stream, I’ve learned that the more income streams you have, the more stable and unbreakable your business becomes.

For speakers, one of absolute best ways to earn a significant stream of income is through speech coaching. Click here and look at the program you can use to build your business faster and stronger than you may have ever thought possible.





Craig Valentine

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