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How to Write & Deliver a Winning Speech (Valentine and LaCroix) MP3 Download

“Wow and Thank You!!! The information was the best, most comprehensive, and enlightening speech development process I have ever heard or seen. It will definitely make a difference in my speech creation process. Thanks again for your efforts.”
Mike Gerrick
Champion’s Edge Member

Learn how to write a winning speech that takes your audience on a journey and brings them back fulfilled! If you want to create more speaking opportunities for yourself, then this program is a MUST!

Bring this class to your desktop now!
With 2 World Champions of Public Speaking!

Craig joined forces with Darren LaCroix (2001 World Champion of Public Speaking) to bring you this webinar.

2 World Champions!

Almost 2 full hours!
2 Perspectives!
Twice the impact!
Twice the learning!
1/2 the price

You will Learn…

  • How to hook your audience and have them on the edge of their seats
  • The single most important piece of advice for choosing a topic
  • The Number 1 reason speakers fail to get their point across
  • The 3 rules for integrating humor seamlessly throughout your speech
  • Two separate speaking formulas (Darren’s and Craig’s) you can use to have unforgettable results!
  • The 2 best ways to kick-start a presentation with power
  • Masterful storytelling techniques to keep your audience enthralled
  • How to use conflict in your stories to build excitement and humor
  • How to transport your audiences into the scenes you have created
  • The best secrets Craig and Darren learned from their coaches
  • The importance of checking for the VAK in your presentation
  • How to drive your point home and leave them saying, “Aha!”
  • Darren’s list of most important practices for unlocking your potential
  • Craig’s advice for capturing your creative genius
  • How to “kill your favorites” and breathe life into your speech
  • How to handle feedback (what to take and what to discard)
  • The importance of the Cherry Tree Effect
  • How to keep the audience from saying, “So what?”
  • and much more!

All this for only $47

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How do people who have won the World Championship out of 25,000 contestants think? What do they do differently? What can you learn from spending nearly 2 full hours with 2 of them?
Their insights will surprise you.

You’ll receive serious insights from one masterful storyteller and one professional humorist.

Don’t miss this special recording with 2 World Champs.

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Take advantage of this unforgettable learning experience at your desktop right now! (You’ll spend nearly 2 hours with 2 World Champs!

“Enjoyed listening to the two of you share your wisdom and techniques. I learned a lot, and will be referencing the material through the recording frequently, until it becomes second nature to me. Thanks again for offering the info.”

Yvonne Spencer
Price: $47
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