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Here’s What People Are Saying about Craig Valentine’s Powerful Motivational Presentations

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Here are 14 Comments from the Social Security Administration in Chicago after Craig’s Leadership Speech


  1. Top notch.  I would try to get him back to do some motivation training with the employees.
  2. Craig Valentine was the most exceptional speaker in any presentation I have participated in.
    Craig Valentine was excellent.  Information can be applied to job.
    This was an excellent session to offer to all Team Leaders (PETE, OS, SCPS, etc.), Supervisors, Managers, etc.  As a motivational speaker, the office can invite him to speak to employees to help build morale within the office.
  3. Amazing session!  He’s by far the best presenter I have ever had the opportunity to witness.  Craig was extremely dynamic and has a knack for incorporating present day (cool, hip) motivational tools into a really creative and interactive mix of entertainment and valuable information.  My only other comment here is that since he was so dynamic and impressive, it would have been nice to end the event with him because he set a standard that really was unmatched.
  4. The speakers were all good and were able to impart wisdom and knowledge on their subject area.  I specifically enjoyed Mr. Craig Valentine and the 4 Rs of Leadership.  He was enthusiastic, excited, insightful, knowledgeable, and shared his life experiences with us.
  5. Excellent.  Information can be applied on the job.
  6. Mr. Valentine was outstanding.  After his session I felt like I can accomplish more and to look at what I am doing to stand in my way.
  7. The presenter, Craig Valentine, did an outstanding job in presenting the material and in interacting with his audience.  It would be good to have him come back and do a presentation for employees.  Mr. Valentine was very interactive, informative, and provided just the right mix of humor to make participants feel relaxed and involved in the presentation.
  8. Could easily have been longer.
  9. Mr. Valentine interacted well with the group and was a great speaker.
  10. Simply outstanding.  Anyone would enjoy this presentation.
  11. This speaker was simply AWESOME.  I learned a great deal from this speaker and I will apply what I learned from this speaker each and everyday on the job and in my home life as well.  I would highly recommend that this speaker return to SSA to speak to employees as well as to managers.  I must admit when I first read his bio, I thought to myself this gentleman is really young how much knowledge could he have to share with us.  But, he definitely proved to SSA that there is no age limit on success.  This speaker has changed my life and has made me much more optimistic about things in life.
  12. Outstanding session!  Hope we can have him present in the future.  He immediately connected with the group, kept our interest, provided useful information and did it in a manner that we can easily take back and use.
  13. Excellent.  We need more dynamic outside speakers to motivate personnel.  Mr. Valentine was a definite shot in the arm and was engaging and personable.  Would like to see more motivational, inspirational speakers come and provide insight into how to achieve a dream or build a coalition.  Teambuilding is another topic he touched on but I would like to have seen more.
  14. One of the best I ever attended and one of the most practical for immediate use by management staff.  Fives are too low of a mark.

End of Social Security Administration’s Comments

Section 2:

Unsolicited Testimonials for Craig Valentine’s Motivational Speeches

Craig, I attended the GMN conference but unfortunately missed your sessions. I’ve attended this conference for the past five years but never had a session where all my colleagues unanimously said it was the best session they’ve attended. Thanks again for speaking at the GMN conference.

Cristina Yoon,
Member of the Grants Managers Network

You were WONDERFUL!!!  Everyone is STILL talking about you!!! I am even trying to practice your tips! You made me aware of practicing and putting my learning to use daily (along with a number of other very good thoughts)!

Suzy G. Johnson
Meridian/Lauderdale County Tourism Director

I just wanted to thank you so much for presenting at our 2010 GMN conference this weekend.  I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get to attend myself (I was presenting at conflicting sessions)- but I wanted to tell you that you were the talk of the conference.  People who have attended the conference for years said that this is the best session the conference has ever had.  They loved your humor and friendly approach- and they were amazed at how you were able to lead such an interactive workshop with such a large group.  You were truly a pleasure to work with from start to finish.  I hope you also enjoyed working with GMN- JOHNSON FAMILY FOUNDATION;

Sarah M. Heaton,
Grants Manager & Program Associate

Thank you so much Craig, for sharing with me.  You were one of the all-time highlights of my life!  Look forward to learning more insights from you with these fantastic tools!

Debbie Allen,
Dallas, TX

Hello Craig, Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your speaking ability at Saturdays Minnesota Toastmasters TELI. My father was the Public Relations Director for the Minnesota Twins for 34 years and a highly professional motivational speaker himself. He has always taught me to pick on myself first and let the audience relate………YOU got it down! Super, spectacular speaking engagement. Way to captivate your audience. Sincerely;

Kelli Friese, Ramsey, Minnesota

No one’s words have ever had the effect on me that yours did.  The 3′ Gs were kickin — still are.  AND I have a goal.  One of these days you and I will be speaking on the same stage together. That will be part of my perfect day.  Imagine that ;-)Take care, and have an awesome day.

Kelvin Ringold Sr.,
Syracuse, NY

Hi Craig, you are truly the best speaker I have ever heard, and my first day back in my sales territory, I was charged.  I let everyone know how you changed us with you dynamic inspirational speech. Your message is tailored to the spirit that is required to motivate yourself permanently, and ensure personal growth.  We broke a district record by selling 154 registrations. Every conference I have been to before has struggled to sell 100.  All of us realize that this success was a direct result of our keynote speaker.  So thanks Craig for the help. Thanks for a great contribution to the Spring Conference.

Bob Sloan; Fall Conference Chair 2001;
President Seaway Toastmasters (Cornwall, Canada)

Dear Craig, I had the honor of attending your course recently in Manchester N.H.  There haven’t been more than a few experience in my life, that while it was happening, I knew would have a lasting, positive affect. Craig, you truly do have a gift. If I can come away from your seminar with a fraction of what you offered, I will walk away a much wiser man.  I’m not talking about what you were paid to deliver, but rather the way in which it was delivered. I will emulate your approach to life, family and profession to the best of my ability.  I wish you continued success throughout your life.  Someday when I see you on T.V., I will turn to my children and say “I had the HONOR of shaking that man’s hand. Sincerely, Patrick Yeo; Blackdog Builders Inc.; Salem N.H.

What you taught us was worth the price of the whole conference. I am glad I was at the Region VI conference to hear you.  If I can actually apply half of what I learned it will be great. Warren Musselman; Member of Region VI

Craig, I just wanted to thank you again for the seminar in Tuscon. I came thinking that the conference may not focus on what I thought I really needed, but that I could always gain something.  I was pleasantly surprised!  Not only did I learn, rethink and relearn a good deal about the topic of Coaching and Mentoring Teams, but your ‘S’ style of fast-paced, multi-disciplined approach to the subject made me realize I was in great need of a mental overhaul.

I am a strong believer in serendipity — that people will enter your lives at crucial moments to make a lasting impact — and here was another case of that law in motion.  Thanks for sharing your vision to others.  I would have plenty to thank you for if it were only to remember the importance of writing goals and following dreams to remain on one’s path to personal success.  But most of all, as I drove back to Phoenix from the seminar, I realized that I needed to become a source of light for myself, and where possible, others.  Thanks for being a source of light for me.

Craig, best wishes on your continued public speaking career, and I will look forward to your eventual return to the Southwest.  Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sincerely, Mark Molique, MCP;
SAIS Maintenance Project Lead; Arizona Department of Education

Craig, I just completed your seminar at the Valley Forge Hilton and just wanted to, once again, say Thank You! I am hoping to use your guidance to help my workplace grow and come together more. I am just unsure if my superiors will allow that type of growth. My workplace is not very “change” oriented, and I think that’s why we are not doing so well. Lack of communication is the best way I can describe it. Hopefully some of the tactics you taught me will change all of that! Wishing You Continued Success!
Name held in confidence

Craig, I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the seminar on coaching, mentoring, and team-building last week.  It was really quite informative and I plan to use what I learned to begin some gradual changing in our service.  Again, thanks for the wonderful class!!! Renee Woerner; Administrative Officer; Education Service Line

Dear Dwayne and Anita, last night’s banquet was (IMHO) the best Dawn-Breakers event ever! Kudos to all of you for all the hard work you put into it and for bringing world-champion Craig Valentine to speak to us. He really blew us all away! All my fellow Stone Mountain members in attendance were extremely impressed as well. Again, kudos to you for all the hard work you put into the planning and execution of this event, and I look forward to next year’s banquet. Respectfully Submitted; Steve Williams, DTM :); Club President; Stone Mountain TM (4144-14)

Craig, I’ve received positive feedback from just about everyone on the management training.  Tony told me many of his managers directly told him the training was informative and that real tools were presented and could be used. Rich has already down loaded the performance management tool and is using it.  He came into my office with his laptop and showed me what he had done. His quote, “This is great” I hope he continues. The group also benefited from being together for the two days. It doesn’t happen too often. Thanks again, I hope we can do business in the near future. Dee Sinski ; Praxair

What a fantastic job you did today!!!!  I’m continuing to get high praise from our volunteers.  Thanks so much for coming out to support us. Jackie Hrabowski (Community Relations; T. Rowe Price)

Hi Craig; Laugh?  I nearly cried!  Cry?  I nearly pee’d me pants!!! Thanks for a great keynote at the conference, and for highlighting my name 29 times, copyrighted at $10 per, so $290 bucks or a drink next time will meet will suffice. I loved your presentation. You are an obvious inspiration to all, so keep up the great work.  Sorry we couldn’t shake hands whilst you were in town, but you were surrounded by adoring fans, and who was I to interfere with that? Once again, thanks. DAVID H HOOKER; Semi-finalist World Champion Public Speaking Contest – 2003; Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Craig, thank you again for a very effective presentation. I have heard only positive responses to it. Hope your trip home was uneventful. Barbara DeLellis, Director of Business Development Berkeley College

I so enjoyed your speaking at the Retreat last week; a wonderful opening! Life is valuable…enjoy! Barbara Lioi; Manager Compensation; Catholic Charities

Craig, I heard you speak at an award ceremony for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. You also sat behind me after speaking. I thanked you afterwards for your words and thoughts, but, you didn’t see my tears, from being touched by your words of being the best possible, and from pride in seeing my wife receive an award. I thank you for the inspiration that has launched another great and continuing experience. Bryan Gall

Craig, thanks for being a part of the greatest conference District 21 has had since I have been a member. You were, I believe, the best keynote speaker we have ever had. A big part of that was in the way you participated in every aspect of the conference from beginning to end. You truly became one of us, an honorary D21er. I learned a lot from you. Gerry Jensen

Craig, this is John Forde from AT&T. I was just at your seminar in Augusta, GA. I just wanted to thank you once again on what a Great job you did at our seminar. I really enjoyed myself for those 2 days and I think AT&T is going to benefit from your seminar. I know you’re busy and I just wanted to drop you a quick email. I hope one day I will get the chance to meet you again. Take care and good luck in the future. John Forde AT&T Information Services

Craig, glad to hear you arrived safely at home. I’ve heard such great comments on your seminar. It was really an outstanding 2-day seminar. Regards, Linda DiFrenza; Praxair

Craig, it was a great 2 days in your class.  Hope things stay fresh with me, and that I can continue with some of the readings and CD’s. I have heard nothing but good things about you since returning to work.
There were quite a few co-workers along for the ride and we all feel the same.  Hope to hear you again. If you are in town again and want to work out, please let me know when. Best wishes, Bernard Hyman; Computer Services Corporation

Craig – I was in a seminar you gave recently in Princeton. You really made that seminar and I wanted to thank you for energizing and engaging us all. I would love to be in another of your seminars someday.Benjamin Bell; Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories

Craig, thanks again for being such a motivating instructor and for recommending the 7 Habits audio tapes.  I’ve listened to them twice already, and began the third time this morning.  My desire to listen to the radio in the car is waning, and my desire to continuously improve is ever increasing.  I’ve also started in on the Prioritize/Organize book you also recommended.  Thanks again for everything. I hope this message finds you doing well. Take care, Jesse Bedolla

Craig, thank you for your stories, humor and wisdom shared on that CD.  I enjoyed it and am incorporating some activities in my life. I purchased the “speaking secrets of six world champs” audios a couple of weeks ago, and listened to your CD yesterday. Last night, during a bit of insomnia, I went downstairs and wrote about my “perfect day”. I closed my eyes; saw the day, felt it, heard the conversations, tasted the meals, and felt the closeness of friendships, and helped a heck of a lot of people.  I’ve gotta say, it’s a damn good day I have planned! And I’ll get there!  I hadn’t said “GO!” until recently.  Now I know what my definition of success looks & feels like.Good luck and continued success to you! I hope our paths cross, and I’m able to see you live! Best, David S Rachford, CPA

Thank you very much for your sharing, Craig.  I never knew the true power of speech till I heard your speeches.  Thanks for inspiring all of us to speak up. All the best, Donald Yee; Hong Kong

Craig, I just wanted to thank you for your presentation on Friday.  The response was excellent. John Secord; Coppin State Athletics

Dear Craig, just saying “thank you” would not do justice to how appreciative I am (along with my fellow club officers) that you came to speak at our Open House.  Your speech really inspired the audience and your abilities were praised long after you left the room!  We had quite a few enthusiastic individuals sign-up to become new members. I am sure due in large part to your motivating words.  All in all, the Open House was a great success – and we’re so happy you were a part of it!  So, a thousand “thank you’s! All our best, Mara Cummins (Discovery Channel)

Dear Craig, thank you for an informative and motivational speech on hiring and recruiting.  The goal that I took away for my company is the creation of job descriptions for all positions.  I am amazed at the poise of motivational speakers and inspired by your ability to follow your personal dreams. Thank you,Lauren Wagner (Rick Case Automotive Group); Corporate Recruiting Director

Hi Craig, hope you enjoyed your weekend up here as much as we enjoyed you. At our CAPS meeting this past Saturday, you were the number one topic of conversation amongst those who were at the conference the previous weekend. You are EVERYTHING as a speaker I’d like to be; And Laurel (my wife) agrees with me: you’re TOP! Have a wonderFUNtastic day! A bientot. Daniel “Milk-And-Cookies” Saintjean; Chapter member (Ottawa) of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Craig, recently I purchased the 5 CD program and I would just like to express my utmost appreciation to you for the invaluable information.  Your stories are great, your humor is enjoyable and the advice you shared was superior.  Realizing you have put a tremendous effort into your craft, it is easy to see how you earned the title World Champion of Speakers.  I would like to express my gratitude in the fact that you were willing to share the “nuts and bolts” of how to successfully duplicate your results with us. You may never know how many lives you have touched, but rest assured, I will always remember Craig Valentine.  Thanks for making me TALL and God bless you. Sincerely, Mark Sassman

Greetings Craig, I just want to thank you for attending our conference last weekend. You did a great job. Your insight… was invaluable. Most importantly, I would like to thank you for recognizing me in your presentation. It meant a lot. The CD’s are great! I have been listening to them carefully. In large part because of you, I am inspired, more now than ever, to pursue my goals. I will keep you posted on my journey. Again, thank you, and good luck. You have an invaluable skill-set that can only help others to achieve their dreams. Keep up the great work. Respectfully, Kalev Suurkask; Canada

Dear Mr. Valentine: truly, seeing you speak tonight was a life changing event for me!  I’ve already visited your website and listened to your CDs (words can’t express the inspiration and information you provide).  You should have seen my friend when you called me up. She was almost excited as I was. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You are truly a World Champion in the truest form.  Keep living your dreams. Sincerely, Michael Ervin Sr.

The Award ceremony was a wonderful way to show State employees that their extra efforts are really appreciated.  I was proud to receive an award and represent Brandenburg Center’s ongoing quality services to the citizens of Maryland. Craig Valentine added just the right touch to push our performance level over the top!  Lee Williamson; DHMH

Great job yesterday.  I really enjoyed the seminar and feel everyone will really benefit from it. Thank you, Otto P. Schlicht ; Dynasplint, Inc.

Craig, I enjoyed attending your seminar in Columbia, SC on 5-30-2001. I coach trainers and was very impressed with your presentation skills; and then at the very end of the training you stated that you were the 1999 Toastmaster! WOW! Thanks again! Marc Van Baar; Support Education Trainer; Charleston, SC
Craig, thank you so much for a wonderful day on Saturday.  Your message was truly inspirational.  I appreciate that you gave of your time and I hope our paths will cross again. Margaret Chippendale
Department of Corrections

Dear Craig: I just wanted you to know that your D27 conference speech motivated me to get more involved w/ TMs. I’ve poured my energy into a high performance leadership project that resulted in me teaching a corporate university course on public speaking -and- in a new project of starting up a new club. Thanks for serving as a catalyst and motivator! John Lesko; Decision Coach & Group Facilitator; A-Team Innovation Center
Hi Craig, I jotted down a quote from you when you spoke here at Uniformed Services University.  I’d like to get it exactly right and of course credit you. Really I just have it on my “inspiration wall”.  Here goes:
“You don’t get more out of life until you make the most of what you already have.” Thanks, and I hope all is well by you. Heidi Friedman; Uniformed Services University
Dear Mr. Valentine, I just wanted to say that I feel you are one of the best, if not the best, speakers I have heard in my life.  I recently purchased the six CD set of World Champion Speakers – and I must say your “Snake Bite” speech is absolutely excellent!!  I have listened to it nearly 20 times, and it maintains its excitement & deep meaning each time. Thanks, Andrew Britton, MBA, R.Ph.

Craig, you’ve got a voice and a message that needs to be heard by the masses. Kenneth Walker

Dear Mr. Valentine, I was speechless after your presentation.  You are an excellent speaker and you have a lot to be proud of. Sincerely, Abbey Rhode

Craig, thank you for speech today.  I thought you were very entertaining and motivating. I will read some of the authors you suggested (I am already a Steve Covey fan), but I think I will start with Less Brown “Live Your Dreams.” Bryan Ashley; Eprise Corporation; Regional Sales Manager

WOW” doesn’t say it! I was feeling kind of down last night. I was being self-critical and even moping a bit. Then, in just a few minutes, your presentation made me feel good about myself. I felt motivated. You turned my frown into a smile and it was a smile that lasted through today!” Andrew Greenstein; Florida

Craig, a thousand “thank you’s” for coming as our guest presenter.  The turnout was great and, as you could see, drew those from outside Toastmasters as well as those from other Toastmasters clubs.   You have given us the inspiration needed to continue building our membership and strengthen our commitment to the Toastmasters program. Thanks for presenting to us “The Way of the Champions.” Again, yours, in a great cause, Michael Barker; Dupont

Craig: thanks so much for the sessions on management and leadership skills.  It was wonderful. Roger-Mark De Souza

Dear Craig: You were really doing dynamic performance during three days of Toastmasters Convention 2001-Taiwan in Taipei. Your juicy idea of speech breath soaking to my dried brain. I just say YOU become the idol of Taiwan Toastmasters! In this year your all of twenty GOALs reached! I eagerly applause to you by e-mail before you back to the states. Best Regards, Joy Han; 67P  Area3  PECL, Taiwan

Hi Craig! You have the perfect audience with network marketers who experience tremendous personal doubts, fears, trial and tribulations when seeking their road to success in their business. Good luck with your future endeavours ! Tim Mahony

Hi Craig Valentine, I was in the audience last night at the Dawn Breakers celebration in Atlanta, GA where I heard your “Get off your BUTT and do something with your life” presentation. Your “Go do it” message reaffirmed the decision where I gave my resignation a week ago so I can do what ‘ZEKE’ needs to do for himself. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to observe a ‘Master Champion’ at work. Communicatively yours, ZEKE SMITH.

Craig, what an awesome job! More importantly, I took notes to apply in my life. Destiny Awaits You, Annette Ford

Craig, you rocked the house! Continue on, value your goals as gold; they are NOT for Sale. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anita Jefferson; Decatur, GA

Hi Craig, it was great attending your speech this past Saturday. I learn more from you in the span of 10 minutes than some books I’ve read. I’m currently working to make a successful transition from my current role in project management /technology area within Freddie Mac, to a partnership sales role in the technology area…Have a pleasant travels in Arkansas, and I look forward to chatting with you soon. Michelle

Craig, I just left the Fall Conference and I must say you made the day for me. What a pleasure to hear you and to have an opportunity to meet you. Thank you for a wonderful learning experience. Louise Keto Mokone

Hello, Craig. I attended your speaking engagement this afternoon at BNA.  I am Kimberly Fletcher, a BNA employee.  Thank you for such a motivating speech.  You pumped me up, today!! Sincerely, Kim Fletcher

Craig, thank you again for speaking at our club.  You were out of this world! I can’t tell you how many phone calls and emails I received about your presentation. Please let me know when you are in DC again I will treat you to a lunch. Take care. Margie Cowles; Bureau of National Affairs
Hello Mr. Valentine; I wanted to share with you how you have touched yet another life.  I have started an Image Consulting business and opportunities are coming from everywhere.  I was told that someone had 4 new clients for me today and I started to back away from the opportunity.  And then I heard your speech. You motivated me to press forward and DO IT!!! So I did—I came back to my office and called the contacts and I am off of GET SET street AND I am well into GO.  Thank you for jump starting my motor!!!!! Andrea Rawls; President and CEO; Image of Excellence

Hello Craig. Outstanding presentation last weekend at Toastmaster’s District 47 conference. Both of your speeches were excellent motivational tools for me. Your CD’s have provided me with the guidance I have been searching for towards making better speeches and presentations. I admire your success, particularly because of the similar backgrounds we share. It is always very uplifiting to see individuals like myself succeed. Your success is an inspiration to me and all who aspire to do more with their lives. Harry Looknanan Jr.

Craig, I enjoyed your presentation so much–your inspiration, your wisdom and your humor…your connection with the audience was outstanding. Without a doubt, you have all that it takes to go to the top in professional speaking! Your words were inspiring and your message was right on the mark, particularly your comments about how many people are stuck on “Get Set” and just don’t “Go.” Magicians say, “Always leave them wanting more.” Well, you worked your magic, because all of us wanted to hear more of your message. Best wishes for great success. Allan Misch; Systems Technical Manager Training Coordinator; Systems Training Branch; Social Security Administration

Craig, you have no idea what impact your speech had on these guys. You are mentioned in practically every meeting. One member, Buzz, you may remember him from being in a wheelchair (and walked to the lectern with crutches) gave a speech today. He has always struggled with ahs, nervousness, and not being that prepared. He gave speech #7 today and it was about how he became crippled. We all knew he had been shot by the police, but never knew the circumstances. That’s what the speech was about. I won’t go into the details, but he revealed that he was a convicted felon, was carrying a gun when stopped by the police and he decided to run from the police and was shot. That was in 1989. He has been in prison ever since. He told about how he has dreamed every day about killing that police officer’s family and then that officer. That’s what he lived for. Then he said there were two dates that he would always remember – dates that changed his life forever – the day he was shot and the day he heard you speak. Your story about no one being killed by a snake bite, but always by the venom, is what made him realize all the hatred he was carrying around inside – every day since 1989. Then he decided to forgive the man who shot him and what peace it brought him. We were all truly moved, and gave him a genuine standing ovation. Jessup Prison’s Pre-Release Unit

Section 3:

Here’s What People Are Saying about How Craig Valentine’s Speech Coaching is Helping Them Keep their Audiences on the Edge Of Their Seats

The conference was this past weekend and with your “virtual coaching” I was able to give my own “Killer Keynote”.  I stood on that stage and gave the speech I had always dreamed of giving– they laughed where I wanted them to laugh — they teared up where I wanted to touch them the most — they came into the scene of my stories — they heard my message and believed. It was a wonderful moment for me and I will always consider it a gift. Now I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the standing ovation at the end. Susan Lamb-Robinson, Speaker; Toronto, Canada

“I now deliver better presentations in 20 minutes than I did in 60 minutes;moreover, my closing ratio has increased 350% thanks to the lessons learned in The Edge of Their Seats Storytelling Home-Study Course.  Craig’s 9 Step Formula has changed my life and it will change yours.”
Kevin D. Gross, MBA
President, Alumni

Thank you for helping me expand the scope of my public speaking. I have spent most of my career speaking about medical issues, disasters and mass casualty pandemics. I always tried to make my talks fun, but frankly, it was seldom inspiring or uplifting. A few months ago, I was asked to be the opening keynote speaker for a non-medical conference and I jumped at the chance to inspire and motivate people. I had years of knowledge and life experience to share but didn’t have the skills to put it together into a coherent talk. That’s where you came in. By working through your Edge of Their Seat Storytelling course, reading through your Nuts and Bolts book and studying the organization and rhythm of your remarkable results keynote, I was able to construct a great talk. If you had been in the room with me, you would have seen close to 200 people hanging on my every word, being caught up in my stories, holding their breath at my poignant parts and laughing at my humorous bits. Following the talk, you would have been proud to stand with me as I shook hands with people coming up to tell me how inspirational I had been. It was so much fun. Thank you for helping me step into the unknown zone and accomplish so much. Stuart B. Weiss, MD, CBCP CEO MedPrep Consulting Group LLC

“I gave the speech last Monday and everyone raved about it. Thank you so much for your help. I went in very confident, knowing it was a very good speech. In fact, they hope to get me back again.”
–Christine Duvivier Managing Director, Impact Partners

Craig Valentine is one of America’s finest speakers, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking and author of what I consider to be the bible of public speaking, “Nuts an Bolts of Public Speaking”.  He’s also got several audio and DVD’s on the subject.  Craig was the driving force and the biggest reason I made it to the World Championships last year in Calgary.   The two days I spent with him, in his living room, in Baltimore, completely changed the way approach public speaking. Martin Presse, Finalist in the 2008 World Championship of Public Speaking

“I can honestly say that your coaching put me light years ahead of where I would have been. The feedback that I have been getting from my attendees at my seminars has been nothing short of amazing! Thank you.” –Lewis Roth, President, LTC Solutions

“Thank you for helping me with my speech. When I got home doors started opening for me and literally within a week I had 5 paid presentations lined up. My business is taking off faster than I would have ever dreamed!” —Bonnie Laabs, Professional Speaker, Founder, B-Inspired

Hi Craig, Guess what? I won the District contest last night!! The added bonus was Darren was there to cheer me on (he was the keynote for our District conference). THANK YOU for your insightful feedback. I was able to apply some of your suggestions into the speech. I learned a lot from your feedback… I can apply the concepts to writing my new Regional speech now….. The Region is on June 6th, which gives me just under 4 weeks to work on a new speech. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Mary Cheyne (Runner Up at the 2009 World Championship of Public Speaking)

Dallas was amazing. Within the first two hours I received my money’s worth. I…left with a detailed analysis on ways to make my presentation a hundred times better. –Teri Scheinzeit, Business and Leadership Coach, NYC

I got feed back that my class was inspiring, that I was phenomenal, and I was asked if I speak outside the Learning Annex. So, I just want to thank you and let you know that your teachings DO WORK.–Isaak Gelbinovich, President, Speaking to Succeed

“I learned more from you in one hour than I have in years of giving speeches. Thank you for inspiring me to find my own voice and greatness as a speaker!! Thank you!” —Pele Raymond Ugboajah, DreamBanc, L.L.C

Hi Craig, I did my first speaking session yesterday since boot camp…The reaction told me that I did a very good job. I focused on my audience and not me. It was so good to do a speech differently. Thanks again Craig for your guidance. Annette Lavigne From Ontario

Craig and Rory, the kudos from the conference have been coming in, and there’s overwhelming applause for your participation in our conference last weekend!  So many people said that they took away something of real value to help them improve as speakers and as goal-oriented people.  I, too, got some really good suggestions for my next story telling speeches–my favorite genre! Thank you so much for coming and participating in our conference.  We were excited by the big turnout and were glad that we could give you such a big audience. I wish you well in your careers as speakers and motivators, and I sincerely hope to meet up with you again somewhere on your speaking trail. Mary S. Neff, Ph.D. District 46 Toastmasters

“Craig was a guest speaker for us at the District 60 Fall Conference in Oshawa, Ontario in 2008 and I was thrilled by how he engaged the audience and taught us how we can make little tweaks here and there in our speeches. After listening to him and purchasing his Communication Factory kit, I was able to implement his speaking tactics and because of this I placed 1st in the International Speech Contest at my club this past Tuesday. Something I had never accomplished in my 10 years as a Toastmaster!” Derek Wisniewski

“Craig Valentine is like the Jazz Master of Public Speaking. His phrases and formulas deliver practical wisdom and the essence of the art with rhythm and humor. A lot of speakers know how to work magic. A few know how to explain it. But no one can share it as well as Craig Valentine. And it’s original too. I’ve read a great deal of material on public speaking, but Craig’s approach strikes me as fresh every time. I think one of the reasons for that is not that it hasn’t been said before in some way, but that Craig himself always goes back to the beginner’s mind and is insatiably curious about learning. He’s right there by your side, even though he just stepped off the world stage. Moreover, he’s telling you how you can do it too! It’s not often that you find all of those qualities in the same person! I’d like to be a student of the art for life too, and I’m sure I’ll be a student of Craig Valentine for life. If Craig’s talking, I’m all ears. William Reed

“I attended Craig’s Toastmaster workshop at the District 60 conference last fall. I was impressed by his 45 minute keynote and how he was able to have me on the “edge of my seat”. This led me to purchase his “Edge of their seats storytelling” home study course. This kit has helped me in my own development as a public speaker. I highly recommend Craig to anyone wanting to learn from a “positive force” in public speaking. Craig, keep up the “GREAT” work!” Jason Charbonneau

“I consider Craig one of my mentors and friends. The first time I met Craig was in a bootcamp in August 2006. I was amazed with how Craig and our other teachers willingly shared their knowledge and expertise. That was the difference in that bootcamp. Since then I took more classes and bootcamps with Craig, and every time I left with the feeling that it was worth my time and money. I keep using Craig’s teachings and business ideas in pursuit of my career as a professional speaker. Thank you Craig. Isaak Gelbinovich – Communication Expert, New York

WOW!!! I don’t know any other adjective that adequately conveys what a terrific speaker and coach Craig Valentine is. I have been a professional storyteller for many years and am now aspiring to become a professional speaker. I purchased Mr. Valentine’s “Edge of the Their Seat Storytelling Home Study Course for Speakers” and have gone through it once so far. I gained valuable skills that immediately improved my speaking skills. But the program is so rich and dense with great information and skills that I know I will be going through it again and again for years to come. I also joined the “Champions Edge” which is a program of coaching for speakers featuring several World Champions of Public Speaking including Mr. Valentine. I have only been a member for a short time but realize right away what a tremendous resource this is going to be for me. I only wish I’d done this a long time ago. Rocci Hildum

Craig is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills through the use of stories. I recently purchased his home study guide for storytelling and was blown away at how great it was. It has made a marked difference in my presentations and I’m grateful to Craig for his work.” Dan Weedin, Consultant

I, Sarah Hilton and my business Spoken Advantage would like to use this opportunity to thank Craig. Have you ever been able to spend an entire day with your hero, your mentor? I have, after a day with Craig I gained new skills, thoughts and processes to make my speaking business a true success. As a World Class Speakers Coach, and a Professional Speaker I knew that Craig would be my greatest teacher. I underestimated the power of coaching. Thank you Craig. Sarah Hilton, Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Ontario

Craig, thank you for the great coaching session on yesterday.  It exceeded my expectation. I am ready to begin the reconstruction process of my speech.  You challenged me to share my story and that’s what I now intend to do. I appreciate you.  God Bless. Everage Thomas, III, Alabama

I attended your session on How to Present with Impact and Persuade with Ease. I would like to say you were very motivating and your knowledge of speaking was very informative. Although, I have a fear of speaking I really felt that I came away with a better knowledge and better tools on how to speak to groups of people. Renee Jacobs, Grants Coordinator, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Hello Craig, I was inspired by your presentations at the recent ‘Lady & The Champs’  and want you to know I came home and ‘tweaked’ my International Speech and WON! last night at my Club level. With my new information, I was able to Turn Them On!  Oh Yes, I took the “It’s ALL ABOUT THEM” and not me and replaced ‘I’ statements with ‘You & We’ statements.  Gave the characters in my story a voice. It worked!!!  I can’t believe how easy it was to make my speech more meaningful to my audience. Thank you for sharing your talents to the rest of us beginning  speakers.  I am looking forward to the study program because I ‘Too’ am a story teller and some day want to be a good as YOU! 🙂 Sincerely,
Lynn Cederquist

Hey man I know you are busy but I wanted to bring you up to speed on  us. We just returned from San Francisco where we spoke at the national  convention of NAMI. It was great. No notes, we both spoke for about an hour. Based on all the comments they liked it. There were a number of  people there who had heard and they were amazed at the changes we have made. We used the changes and strategies you and I talked about. I want to  thank you for your help. Honestly I do think you would have been very  proud of us and your proteges’. BILL Neely (

I have just finished a great book on public Speaking, The Nuts and Bolts of Public Speaking.  The author Craig Valentine is the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking and a highly paid keynote speaker in the US. What sets this book apart from others is that it focuses on the basics.  From speech structure to how to use the rule of three to gte your point across with more impact, this book has it all. There is one fantastic section that I loved.  It was on finding the magical moments from your own life that will bring your speech alive.  These are the parts of your speech that the audience will hang off.  Despite what we think, we all have an enormous amount of stories that we can draw upon to help us illustrate our points.  This section is well worth the cost of the book alone. Darren Fleming, Australia

Craig, I was blessed with actually meeting you at the Region IV in Winnipeg. I got to speak to you on the elevator about the real rigors of National speaking. Then Saturday afternoon I went on to win the Regional Contest. I have been blown away by your speaking style since I first saw your Championship Toastmasters Speech. The Weekend in Winnipeg only reinforced my appreciation of your skills. I could not have gotten this far without the help and advice of my fellow speakers. Thank you for your gracious showmanship which showed us how to act and behave in the Speaker’s role. I could listen and watch you for days! Jack Ackerman

Well Craig, 1000 words, some thoughts and starts on what else my articles and speeches will include in order to reach and connect with my audience.  I will also tell you a little piece of my connection to why you are the chosen coach for me.  I valued your love of what you do, and how you appreciate life.  But then it was when I saw you in the restaurant for breakfast that I knew you were the coach for me.  Not only had you sold your zest for life etc.  I had the opportunity to see you from the sidelines taking a moment to appreciate the day through prayer.  That sealed the deal, you are genuine, honest and a true character as my daughter puts it.  1000 words later I feel revived, energized and committed.  I look forward to the rest of my day which will consist of time with family, and friends and of course more writing as I dive into my next killer keynote. Sarah Hilton, Ontario

Hi Craig, again, I just wanted to say thank you for coming up to District 64 this year. Your speech Friday night was very inspiring and validating. I learned so much at the breakfast yesterday morning too. I will never forget the image of you in the boat. You illustrated the point of moving with purpose very well. Heather Racano Speaker, Trainer, Coach;

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your great input.  I was fortunate enough to win the Division International speech contest. I was told that this year’s Division Contest was one of the most competitive contests in several years. Bob Freel

Dear Craig, a few weeks ago you advised me to use: 1. Dialog. 2. Another story. 3. Phrase that pays in my speech. You also told me that I had a shot. I executed your invaluable advice and brought home the first place trophy at last night’s 2007 District 53 Leadership Summit.  I am not a Champion’s Edge member, and you still took your time to read my speech and give me advice. This is a true testament of the character of Toastmasters; I am very grateful for your help and encouragement. Nana Danso,

I wanted to thank you again for the excellent advice you gave me at your “clinic” at District 57.  I have retooled my approach to stories with dialogue instead of narration, and changed to a complete focus on “you” the audience.  My foundational phrase “fear can be conquered, one step at a time” was very strong and helped tie my whole speech together. You’re a great coach and I look forward to studying further when I get your book and DVD. David Goad, President, Tracy Toastmasters

Hi Darren and Craig, your coaching helped a great deal for my Revenue Canada Keynote. Check out the second paragraph in their letter. You’ll laugh when I tell you what happened when I was talking about my acting audition and NOT making the list. I recall you telling me to allow them time to “feel my pain” and ask them if that ever happened to them (not finding themselves on a list). Well when I did the speech in my club, they felt the pain….however, at this session of 150 people, they cracked up laughing, almost falling off their chairs! WAS I SURPRISED and SHOWED IT!! But laughed along with them. I was told I couldn’t have “customized” a better line for an internal revenue group…list means being audited, right?? Anyway…talk about EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED !! Kathryn MacKenzie, Certified World Class Speaking Coach; Ontario

Thank you SO MUCH, Craig.I am learning SO much from this program. I won my Toastmaster club’s speech contest this week, and I think it was because of applying two ideas that I picked up from you! (Foundational Phrase and Tap and Transport). Thank you for sharing your expertise in a easy to understand way. Louise Achey

Hi Craig, my plan last year was to deliver the “Bully Speech” in front of you when you came to our District for the District contest.  So, my plan didn’t quite work out, but now thanks to your help I get to deliver at this year’s District contest.  I won my Division contest!  No matter what happens at the District contest I am proud of the work that I have put into this speech.  It’s a pretty good speech now.  And I can guaranty that I will give 100% to the audience. Craig, thanks for all of your help.  This has been such a blast for me. Roger Revak, Minnesota

Thought you might be interested in a bit of recent news from across the Pond and a big thank you. I’ve just returned from Finland where I was representing the UK in the European Final of the JCI (Junior Chamber International) Public Speaking World Championship and I won! There were 12 competitors representing nations from all over Europe and I will now go forward to compete in the World Final in Delhi, India (vs. the Asian, African and American champions) in November. The tips and techniques I picked up from your Champ Camps played a HUGE part in helping me put together and deliver a winning speech – and in front of a truly international audience. Thank you so much! Also, I have three follow-up bookings plus further leads with Shell later this year. My new speaking and training business is set to launch in the early autumn. Simon Bucknall, United Kingdom

Wow, I’m on page 213 and I can’t tell you how much of a help it’s been. I had a speaking engagement last night and, after reading through the first few chapters, I tweaked my speech. I received more positive feedback than I’ve ever had after a speech! Thanks, Craig, for providing a book with so much value. Every speaker should read this, whether they are a novice or a pro. Jean Bailey Robor

You are the best speaker I have ever heard and every time that I listen to those CDs I get inspired, motivated, and I learn a little more.  Thank you for producing them and for continuing to offer products that help us grow more as speakers. Best wishes, Wendy Daunheimer;