One on One Speech Coaching with Craig Valentine

One on One Speech Coaching with Craig Valentine



Find YOUR greatness as a speaker!

 The conference was this past weekend and with your “virtual coaching” I was able to give my own “Killer Keynote”.  I stood on that stage and gave the speech I had always dreamed of giving– they laughed where I wanted them to laugh — they teared up where I wanted to touch them the most — they came into the scene of my stories — they heard my message and believed. It was a wonderful moment for me and I will always consider it a gift. Now I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the standing ovation at the endSusan Lamb-Robinson, Speaker; Toronto, Canada


 I learned more from you in one hour than I have in years of giving speeches. You are a master of your game. Thank you for inspiring me to find my own voice and greatness as a speaker!! Thank you! Pele Raymond Ugboajah; Author, Speaker, Business Coach; DreamBanc, L.L.C.


  “I now deliver better presentations in 20 minutes than I did in 60 minutes;moreover, my closing ratio has increased 350% thanks to the lessons learned in The Edge of Their Seats Storytelling Home-Study Course. Craig’s 9 Step Formula has changed my life and it will change yours.”Kevin D. Gross, MBA, President, Alumni


Craig Valentine is one of America’s finest speakers, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking and author of what I consider to be the bible of public speaking, “Nuts an Bolts of Public Speaking”.  He’s also got several audio and DVD’s on the subject.  Craig was the driving force and the biggest reason I made it to the World Championships last year in Calgary.   The two days I spent with him, in his living room, in Baltimore, completely changed the way approach public speaking…Martin Presse, 2008 Finalist for World Champion of Public Speaking


Thank you for the great coaching session on yesterday.  It exceeded my exception. I am ready to begin the reconstruction process of my speech.  You challenged me to share my story and that’s what I now intend to do.I appreciate you.  God Bless. Everage Thomas, III, Speaker; Alabama


Hey man I know you are busy but I wanted to bring you up to speed on  us. We just returned from San Francisco where we spoke at the national convention of NAMI. It was great. No notes, we both spoke for about an hour. Based on all the comments they liked it. There were a number of people there who had heard us before and they were amazed at the changes we made. Thanks! Bill Neely;; Courage in Crisis


Thank you 1000 times over.  I just came home from Niagara, what a fantastic time I had.  All of your techniques worked. I offered 7 free, 1 hour consultations if booked today offered only in January.  I not only booked those I had a line up afterward.  Sarah Hilton; Speaker on Mental Health, Toronto





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Thanks for your changes…I gave the speech last Monday and everyone raved about it. Thank you so much for your help. I went in very confident, knowing it was a very good speech thanks to your advice and changes. In fact, they hope to get me back again and several said they want to find out where else I am speaking so they can come hear me again. Christine Duvivier; Managing Director, Impact Partners


Keep speaking up,

Craig Valentine