The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle (All 3 Home-Study Courses!)

If you want to Create a Masterpiece, you first have to Master the Pieces!

The 3 major “pieces” of public speaking are structure, content, and delivery. Mastering one of them means nothing if you do not master the other two. Finally there is a set of programs that acts as your one-stop-shop for creating masterpiece after masterpiece with your presentations. It is the Whole Kit and Kaboodle Program, which contains my 3 take-home courses.

Get all 3 of the following courses under a Generous Discount:

  1. Create Your Killer Keynote Home-Study Course for Speakers (i.e. the structure piece)
  2. Edge-of-Their-Seats Storytelling Home-study Course for Speakers (i.e. the content piece)
  3. Dynamic Delivery Devices 3 DVD set for Speakers (i.e. the delivery piece)

Descriptions of these courses can be found at the following links but make sure you come back to this page if you want to get them all at once with this generous discount:

  • Create Your Killer Keynote description (currently listed at $247)
  • Storytelling Course description (currently listed at $297)
  • Dynamic Delivery Devices description (currently listed at $147)

What is the Investment?

If you add up these 3 home-study courses individually, the investment is $691.00. However, when you get them all together with the Whole Kit and Kaboodle program, your investment is only $599. And, when you act today, you can save an extra $200 and get all three courses for a total of $399. That’s unheard of! That’s the power of a bundled discount. Click here to order

Plus, look what you get as FREE BONUSES

Craig Valentine’s Downloadable Advanced Speaking Toolkit featuring  a set of 22 10-15 minute mp3 audio lessons that you can download immediately upon placing your purchase. This bonus itselt is valued at $110 but you will get it free.

WANT A 3-MONTH PAYMENT PLAN? Click here to make 3 monthly payments ($133, $133, and $133) and take it easier on your cash flow

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