By the time you finish this program,
you will have a full-blown 30-60 minute
Killer Keynote Speech!

Have you ever given a good 5-7 minute speech?
Who will pay you for that? The answer is “nobody.”

However, you will get paid handsomely over and over again for a 30-60 minute speech that is inspiring, instructional, and irresistible.

That’s what you get from my…

Create your Killer Keynote Home Study Course

You will pick up My Special 9-step model for…

Keeping your audience hooked for your entire speech and beyond.

Creating that famous “roller coaster ride of emotions” for your audience.

Turning a 5-7 minute speech into a 30-60 minute one that’s worth thousands.

Creating your keynote in a matter of minutes rather than a matter of months.

Uncovering the humor that is waiting to be tapped within your message.

Mastering the 3 elements (structure, content, and delivery) to keep your keynote from crumbling to pieces.

Understanding the many pitfalls that trap most speakers.

You will learn…

The PARTS Modular Formula for making your main message stick.

The Bang, Big Promise, and the Road map for opening your speech.

Why anchors are a speaker’s best friends and how to use them.

The importance of the Transition Teases and how to use them.

The correct use of calling back to anchors and messages.

The EDGE Sales Formula for motivating everyone in your audience.

Why if you have a question/answer period it shouldn’t be at the end.

The 4 musts for closing your speech with impact.

The Push, Pull, and Passion method of persuasion.

The 5 tools to whet your audience’s appetite with your introduction before you even rise to speak.

and much more!

What Comes with this One-of-a-kind Program?


More than 6 hours of step-by-step instruction on 5 audio CDs.


A sample audio CD with 2 of my LIVE keynote speeches for you to reference.


The 9 Step Create Your Killer Keynote Graphic Model.


A 55-page Create Your Killer Keynote Handbook.


A 20-page Create Your Killer Keynote Compass that you can use to develop every 30-60 minute speech you give for the rest of your life!

Order this one-of-a-kind resource and start creating killer keynotes now!

Look what others have said after using just a small fraction of the tools you will pick up in this program:

Chris Kaspar

Leadership Speaker

I would be willing to pay $2,000 – $3,000 for this course. I can’t find anything better. I think I grew 3-5 years from this training."

Sue and Pat Peason

Valley Safe Money Advisors

Today we garnered appointments with 95% of all the folks in the room, our best ever - so ten thousand thanks yous!"

Lewis Roth

President, LTC Solutions

I can honestly say that your coaching put me light years ahead of where I would have been.

The feedback that I have been getting form my attendees at my seminars has been nothing short of amazing! Thank you..."

Peter Farrelly

ABCs of Speaking, Ireland

The past four days were the most educational and enjoyable I have ever experienced. Than you."

​Enough Already! What's the Price?​

The tools in this program will provide you with what you need to create keynotes that are worth thousands per speech.
Once you truly master them, you should be able to command
$2,500.00 - $5,500.00 per engagement.
That means, with one speech, you can make 10 to 20 times what the program costs.
Would that be worth it?

Yet the investment for the entire Create Your Killer Keynote Home-Study Course is only $347.

“Some people look at the price of moving forward but don’t look at the cost of standing still.”

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You can become the “go to” speaker in your topic area and create the kinds of messages that spread like wildfire and get you hired time and time again. When you put the Create Your Killer Keynote Steps to work for you, I’m confident you will soon be able to command speaking fees that exceed most peoples’ wildest expectations. Plus, you’ll touch many lives in the process. And it’s all yours for $247 when you act within the next two weeks.

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Your success in using the Create Your Killer Keynote Home Study Course is completely guaranteed.

In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that you will be thrilled with the results this program will bring you. The tools have been proven to work over and over again.

If, up to a full 90 days, you honestly believe I have not delivered on this promise, let me know and I will issue you a prompt and courteous refund. Plus, you can still have your full 6-months access to my exclusive Facebook Group. Fair enough?

Order this one-of-a-kind resource and start creating killer keynotes now!

I look forward to being in your audience one day leaning on the edge of my seat!

Your Platform Partner,

Craig Valentine

P.S. These tools will quickly help you become inspiring, instructional, and irresistible as a speaker.

Invest within the next two weeks and get $100 off!

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