Edge Of Their Seats

How to Keep Your Audiences On the Edge Of Their Seats: Craig Valentine LIVE from Los Angeles (mp3 Download)

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There is a definite PROCESS for keeping your audiences on the edge of their seats. It is not easy to come by or easy to use. However, once you master it, you will find doors opening for you that you never even knew existed.

In this fast-paced entertaining workshop, Craig Valentine (1999 World Champion of Public Speaking) provides you with the tools necessary to keep your audience members leaning on your every word while you deliver a message they cannot shake from their brains. The quality of your speeches depends on how you do the following:

  • Breathe life into your speech and keep your audience energized
  • Bring your audience into your speech and keep them engaged
  • Build a speech that sticks

and much more

This is one┬áprogram you cannot afford to miss! Don’t go into your next speech without it!

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