Craig’s Recommended Resources for Speakers

Craig’s Recommended Resources for Speakers

By Craig Valentine

Over the years I have been asked about various resources that can help speakers with both the art and business of public speaking. Therefore, I decided to put my favorite solutions all in one place. See below for these tremendous resources that no speaker should be without. You will find these in the form of questions and answers:

Question: What do you use to collect credit cards and take payments Online?

Answer: By far the most important tool I use in my business is my shopping cart (, because it empowers me to do the following:

  • Accept credit cards and payments Online
  • Automate my business so I can spend time productively
  • Send out my Online Newsletters
  • Create products with the push of a button
  • Build my list of prospects (build my business)
  • Stay in touch by sending e-mails to my list of prospects and customers
  • Use autoresponders to stay in touch even when I am away
  • Keep track of who bought what


Question: What device do you use to record your speeches in audio?

Answer: I have used many devices over the years but the best by far is this Olympus Recorder. I love it because it’s extremely clear and it allows me to quickly upload the audio into my computer in a matter of seconds. Also, I can switch the settings from High-sensitivity (so the audience will be picked up) to low-sensitivity (so I can record a lesson without any background noise coming through). It’s awesome. You can also keep loads of audio on there. I currently have dozens of speeches on there plus many other audio projects.


Question: What do you use to put audio on your website, in your e-mails, and in your audio postcards?

Answer: The program I have used for many years can be found at No speaker should be without this because it…

  • Lets your prospects and customers hear you, which is essential if you are a speaker
  • Helps you easily gather audio testimonials in a hands-off systematic way
  • Allows you to pull in live audio clips of your speeches
  • Empowers you to create “pure-profit products” Online because you have no cost
  • Separates you from the pack of speakers who only have text on their sites and in their communications
  • Deepens your connection with visitors Online


Question: Who do you use for a Webmaster?

Answer: I have utilized the services of many Webmasters and I highly recommend them. At the top of my list is Jody Jelas and you can reach her by clicking here: Here are others I recommend:


Question: Who do you use for video production services (demo videos, products, etc.)?

Answer: I always use the one and only Digital Bard Video Productions.


Question: Who do you utilize to set up and design your blogs?

Answer: I highly recommend Denise Griffitts. She did my DreamIsNotForSale blog. I also highly recommend Jody Jelas as well. Jody did my site as well as my site.


Question: Who transcribed your audio for the site and made the downloadable PDFs?

Answer: The best transcription service I have worked with is Words Into Profits. They are fast and accurate.


Question: Who do you use for graphic design?

Answer: You cannot go wrong with either Christy Burke Designs or Kim Brill Graphic Design. I have worked with Kim longer but Christy is awesome too.


Question: Who duplicates, replicates, and packages your audio CDs and DVDs?

Answer: There are several services out there and I can recommend the following:


Question: What audio editing equipment do you use?

Answer: I fell in love with Adobe Audition and have been using it for many years. However, there are less expensive systems such as Audacity (free) and Sound Forge.


Question: What teleseminar system do you use?

Answer: I use Instant Teleseminars for most of the teleseminars I do. It’s great for reaching out to international attendees because they can submit questions Online while the teleseminar is happening.


Question: Other than YouTube, what do you use to add video to your websites?

Answer: I don’t mind using YouTube for my blog entries but I have always used Instant Video Generator for my product and service sites because it gives a more professional appearance. Click here to see what I mean by the nice look.


Question: Where can you get CD cases, blank CDs, etc.?

Answer: I always click on to get CD cases for individual CDs. However, you will be better off leaving the CD duplication and replication to the pros that I listed above.


Question: Where do you get the royalty free music you play in your audio programs?

Answer: The Music Bakery has an outstanding library of tracks and songs. You purchase them once and use them forever!


Question: Craig, I know you have a lot of products and services. What are the top two products of yours that you recommend every speaker should have?

Answer: In my opinion, every serious speaker should have these two:

For more information, visit

Disclaimer: In order to comply with FTC rules I need to mention that some of the links posted on this site are affiliate links.  This means that if you buy the products through the link, I will earn a commission on your purchase.