Appreciate, Celebrate, and Motivate

Appreciate, Celebrate, and Motivate (Designed for Employee Recognition Events)

Workshops and Keynotes

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How do you go about deciding to bring in  the right person to energize, entertain, and excite your employees during your  employee appreciation event? If you could have the perfect speaker for your  function, what would he or she be like? Are you interested in having your  employees…

  • leave the event on a high with renewed and refreshed energy?
  • be motivated to achieve even more remarkable results?
  • have the time of their lives?

You might want to know that many  organizations bring Craig in year after year to present his proven and popular  appreciation programs. He makes your employees T.A.L.L. (Think, Act, Laugh,  and Learn) and the meeting planners leave feeling like stars! They made the  right decision. Will you?  Do the best  for your employees. After all, they deserve it.

Once again, your presentation was outstanding! Later in the  conference, we were able to refer back to many of the change-based topics you  covered.  Bravo! Thanks again Craig and I look forward to working with you  again in the future.

Hunter Haines, CPLP
Sr. Training Specialist
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

I just returned  to our office after hearing you speak at our annual kick off and award  ceremony.  You have impressed…our employees and managers to step up to the  plate and take a good look at ourselves.  I hope everyone is motivated to  imagine us at our best and then to GO FOR IT!  You were great!   WOW.

Lynn Sturm,
Division Manager/Closing Unit
Chesapeake Appraisal  & Settlement Services
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