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Below you will have access to the audio of an entire 44-minute keynote speech I gave recently in Redondo Beach, California on the topic of Presenting with Impact and Persuading with Ease.

Why is this important? Well, when I was new in the speaking industry, one of the most important processes I underwent was simply analyzing entire keynote speeches from other speakers. I looked for the following:

  • How they opened their speeches
  • The length of the opening
  • How often they told a story
  • The length of their stories
  • How much time (if any) they had between their stories
  • How they transitioned from one story to another
  • How they uncovered humor
  • How many laughs they would get
  • How often they would get laughs
  • How they closed their speech
  • The length of the closing
  • The tools they used to keep the audiences attention the entire time
  • How they took us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions
  • How they created an experience for their audiences
  • Anything and everything that made the speech effective


Your Turn

In the content of this keynote, you’ll pick up several tools to become a better speaker. However, I suggest that you look beyond what you pick up in the content and reflect on some of the above-mentioned bullet-points. With your reflection you will see exactly how you can make your own keynote much more effective and enjoyable for your future audiences. Click the audio below and enjoy!

Craig Valentine’s Live Keynote Speech from Redondo Beach, California (44 minutes)





Craig Valentine

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