One Surefire Way to Create Magical Moments In Your Speech

Do you want to create the kinds of magical moments that give you an unbreakable connection with your audience? Great, here’s one surefire way to do just that.

How to Create Natural, Spontaneous Moments During Your Speech  

One of my favorite ways to use spontaneity is to ask a question (or two), listen for the responses, and then comment on those responses. For example, watch the following live clip from a speech I gave in New York.

Welcome back. Believe me, those spontaneous moments helped establish my connection with that audience and, throughout the presentation, thanks to more of those moments, that connection only grew deeper.

So how do you prepare for this type of spontaneous moment?

Use this quick 3-step process:

  1. Think of a question you can ask your audience that Is NOT rhetorical
  2. Write down some of the responses you think you will receive. This will get easier overtime because you will actually be receiving responses each time you speak and you can anticipate the most common ones.
  3. Construct replies for their answers/responses.

The effect this will have is you’ll be making comments that seem spontaneous even though they are actually prepared. Don’t get me wrong, many times you WILL actually find true spontaneity in the moment and the right words will come to you at the right time. However, once that happens, guess what? That same spontaneous moment becomes planned spontaneity for a future speech! By the way, that’s why it’s so important to record your speech every time, because it makes it so much easier to uncover how to respond to their answers next time.

Your Turn

What’s one question you currently ask your audience? What answers will they likely give? How can you respond to that answer so that you uncover humor.

Do you work ahead of time and they’ll have more fun all the time.


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