One Surefire Way to Build Your Business With Each Speech

Whether you are speaking for fee or for free, you can still build your business with each speech. I recently held a call on 5 ways to build your business each time you speak. Here’s one of the ways. This way will become the gift that keeps on giving to your audience and to you. Take a look at the video.

Questions to Ask Yourself with your List-Builder (lead-generator)

What will my subscriber be able to think, feel, or do differently as a result of receiving my content?

Will they…

  • Be able to make more money?
  • Be better at what they do?
  • Become well-known or recognized as an expert or a go-to person?
  • Have much more fun?
  • Gain a shortcut (save time) to get to their goals and dreams?


Remember that many people are more motivated by what they want to AVOID than by what they want to attain

Will they…

Avoid the costly mistakes that kill most speeches (or marketing or sales or relationships, etc.)?

Have much less stress?

Stop wasting time and opportunities that come when they don’t have a guide?

Get out of debt?



If you want to establish (or increase) credibility and get your visitors or audience members to know, like, and trust you, I suggest creating a based on your expertise. If you don’t have 52 tips, perhaps do 25 or maybe even 12 that you offer weekly. This will get them familiar with you and gain confidence in you, which eventually leads to taking a next step with you. This is an organicĀ  way to build a strong business that lasts.

When you speak, lead them to your free lead-generator and watch how your business takes off to another level.


Your Turn

  1. What’s the offer (reason we should visit)
  2. What’s the site? [perhaps you’ll get some visitors from commenting and answering these questions here].


Craig Valentine

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