One Formula for Energizing Your Zoom Speeches and Making them Unforgettable

Speaking on the MIC (Monthly Implementation Call) for the Speak and Prosper Academy

Let’s face it, Zoom has been a huge gift to speakers and presenters worldwide.

However, it definitely IS quite an adjustment to speak without the audience being directly in front of you. The energy feels different.


One method I like to use to combat the silence and the potential lack of energy on a Zoom speech is summarized in this 10-minute video. This tool is important because, if you want opportunities to speak onstage, then let people see you speak online.

If they like you online, they’ll put you onstage.

The video below includes just 1 of the 5 Zoom Speaking tips I shared with my Speak and Prosper Academy members on the full 1-hour MIC (Monthly Implementation Call) in November. Take a look!


What’s one of your favorite strategies or tools for making your Zoom speeches world class?



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Craig Valentine

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