The Way of the Champions: 3 Gs to Greatness

The Way of the Champions: 3 Gs to Greatness

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In this keynote, Craig Valentine will take you on his emotional journey to becoming the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking. Along the way, you too will discover the 3 G’s to greatness and be empowered to use them in your life. Once you do, you will automatically start meeting with massive success in every area of your life.

Learn to free up the potential that has been hiding in you and gain the confidence to take on any worthwhile endeavor. You will walk out of this program feeling like a champion and winning like one too!

Hello Mr. Valentine, I just got home from the ceremony in Cleveland and I could not wait to find some contact information for you! You, by far, were the most inspirational speaker I have ever heard in my life. I cannot speak for anyone else but you made me feel like you were speaking directly to me! You made an impact on me that I have never felt. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit out ceremony! A new fan, Daniel Valentine AAB

“No one’s words have ever had the effect on me that yours did.  The 3′ Gs were kickin — still are.  AND I have a goal.  One of these days you and I will be speaking on the same stage together. That will be part of my perfect day.  Imagine that ;-). Take care, and have an awesome day.” Kelvin Ringold Sr., New York

Hi Craig, you are truly the best speaker I have ever heard, and my first day back in my sales territory, I was charged.  I let everyone know how you changed us with you dynamic inspirational speech. Your message is tailored to the spirit that is required to motivate yourself permanently, and ensure personal growth.  We broke a district record by selling 154 registrations. Every conference I have been to before has struggled to sell 100.  All of us realize that this success was a direct result of our keynote speaker.  So thanks Craig for the help. Thanks for a great contribution to the Spring Conference. Bob Sloan; Fall Conference Chair 2001; President Seaway Toastmasters (Cornwall, Canada)

“Thank you, thank you! I have been motivated by many people in my life, but you really hit home when you spoke at my commencement in Cleveland today! Thank you for making my vision crystal clear for me and helping me realize that I need to stay motivated. You are a blessing to humanity!!!!”
Tammy Benson; After Walking Across Stage at The University of Phoenix Cleveland Commencement