The Nuts and Bolts of Management: from Overwhelmed to OVERJOYED!

The Nuts and Bolts of Management: from Overwhelmed to OVERJOYED!

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I had the honor of attending your Management…Skills course recently in Manchester N.H. There haven’t been more than a few experiences in my life, that while it was happening, I knew would have a lasting, positive affect. If I can come away from your seminar with a fraction of what you offered, I will walk away a much wiser man.

Patrick Yeo
Blackdog Builders Inc.

Take your managers from feeling overwhelmed to feeling overjoyed!

In this highly-interactive and unforgettable seminar, award-winning management trainer, Craig Valentine, will hand you the tangible tools you can use IMMEDIATELY to…

  • Build an unstoppable team using these 4 essentials keys to remarkable results!
  • Get more work done in one hour than most managers do in one week (5-step process)
  • Create an environment in which people buying-in and begging to take ownership!
  • Extinguish your stress by preventing fires instead of fighting them
  • Say goodbye to “status-quo” frustration by turning your employees into change-based thinkers
  • Learn what makes each employee tick and then uncover the process that keeps them ticking
  • Finally stop employees from doing what they’re not supposed to do (6-step process)
  • Build unbreakable trust by becoming a remarkable Counselor and Coach to your employees
  • Leave no employee unmotivated (unlock the door to all 4 behavioral styles)
  • Turn employee conflicts into assets using this proven, powerful 4 step process
  • Shoot the morale through the roof using this 3-step people-empowering process
  • Use soft skills to get through the tough times
  • Gain an unshakeable confidence to thrive on this stage and at higher levels

You were WONDERFUL!!!  Everyone is STILL talking about you!!! I am even trying to practice your tips! You made me aware of ‘practicing’ and putting my learning to use daily!

Suzy G. Johnson
Meridian/Lauderdale County Tourism Director

Get a NEW LEASE ON LIFE as a manager!

When you leave this seminar, you will wonder how you managed to survive so long without it!

What is the NEXT STEP?

Craig Valentine is usually booked 4-5 months in advance. Go from surviving to thriving by calling 1-800-682-5063 for a FREE phone consultation directly with Craig Valentine (or click here) and immediately start moving your managers from overwhelmed to OVERJOYED!