The Nuts and Bolts of Management for New Supervisors

The Nuts and Bolts of Management for New Supervisors

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So you are a new manager…now what? How you begin your management career is absolutely critical to your long-term success as a manager. If you have the tools to set the right tone, you will build a solid foundation that will last throughout your career. Fortunately, great managers and leaders have left footprints for you to follow, and this seminar will help you successfully step up to your challenges. In this engaging, interactive, and highly informative seminar, you will learn the proven and practical tools that will empower you to…

  • Communicate and manage change for your employees (even if they are StatusQuoHolics)
  • Deal with difficult people and unwanted behaviors (6-step process)
  • Delegate to get work done through others while empowering them (5-step process)
  • Motivate and reward your employees
  • Communicate effectively with all 4 different personality styles
  • Use the 4-step process for handling employee conflicts
  • Maintain a high morale within your team (3-step process)
  • Build a highly effective and efficient team using 4 essentials keys
  • Communicate with tact and finesse
  • Prevent fires instead of fighting fires
  • Counsel employees
  • Coach and mentor employees
  • Communicate a compelling a vision and gain employee buy-in!
  • Get more done, save more time, earn more profits, and have more fun!

The Nuts and Bolts of Management for New Supervisors provides you with the practical tools to get powerful results from your team. You will walk away from this seminar with all you need to make a smooth transition and thrive in your new position.

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