The 4 Rs to Remarkable Results through Change

The 4 Rs to Remarkable Results through Leadership, Communication, and Change

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Do you work with StatusQuoHolics™ These are the people who are addicted to the status quo. You  usually hear them say, “That’s the way we’ve always done things around  here. Why change?”

By now you know this  attitude weighs down even the most talented and dedicated teams and keeps  them from ever rising to new levels of success. In today’s times, organizations  have two options: 1. Change. 2. Die.

If you want to influence the people in your  environment into embracing change, taking ownership, and committing to  higher levels of excellence through continuous improvement, The  4 Rs to Remarkable Results is the program for you. You’ll  pick up tools to:

  • Face Reality, Relinquish barriers, Rely on change, and Reform to better ways
  • Get the StatusQuoaholics™ to embrace change so your team can break through
  • Create commitment, not just compliance, from even the most reluctant team members
  • Avoid the 4 costly traps that keep most teams from ever getting unstuck
  • Raise the energy and morale even in the midst of the change!
  • Increase employee retention and ownership so they feel as if their names are on the front door
  • Become the kind of leader others respect, admire, and want to  follow

This is one  interactive and motivational program you cannot afford to miss! Turn your team  into Champions of Change!

You are truly the best speaker I have ever heard and  my first day back in my sales territory I was charged.  I let everyone  know how you changed us with you dynamic inspirational speech. We broke a  district record by selling 154 registrations. All of us realize that this  success was a direct result of our keynote speaker.

Bob Sloan
Fall Conference Chair 2001
Cornwall, Canada

I absolutely loved your presentation in Saint John on Saturday. You were brilliant. I’ve been attending business  and association conferences for 15 years and yours was one  of the best that I have had the pleasure to see. I  had an absolute blast and learned a great deal. I  just wanted to sincerely thank you.

Sue Lemon, MBA, CHRP
Human Resources Consultant
Mount Allison  University in
Sackville, New Brunswick; Canada

“You were  WONDERFUL!!!  Everyone is STILL talking  about you!!! I am even trying to practice your tips! You made me aware of  ‘practicing’ and putting my learning to use daily!

Suzy G. Johnson
Meridian/Lauderdale County Tourism Director

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