Is your Speech too Loose?

By “loose” I mean the content is not tied to anything. This is by far the biggest problem in public speaking…loose speeches. The solution is to make sure every major point you make in your speech is tied to an anchor of some sort. An anchor is anything that will help your audience remember the point. It gets anchored in their minds. The four major anchors I use that work best are the following:

  1. Anecdotes (stories)
  2. Activities
  3. Analogies – (like they say: “A metaphor is worth a thousand pictures”)
  4. Acronyms

When the audience thinks back on any of these anchors, they automatically remember the points that were attached. A great way to make sure your speech sticks is to mix these anchors within one speech. I regularly use all 4 of them even in a short 45-minute speech.

Is your speech too loose? Anchor it!

Craig Valentine

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