How to Uncover Humor Throughout Your Speech by Asking One Question

Uncovering humor with a recent audience of mine

For years I’ve been saying the following:

“Don’t add humor to your speech; uncover humor within it.”

But how do you do that? There are countless ways. One of my favorite is to take yourself through a process and keep asking yourself one question that is sure to uncover humor over and over again. Take a look at me taking some of my Speak and Prosper Academy Members through this process and finding opportunities to get laughs from something that had just recently happened to me.

Your Turn

Take yourself through this same process. Relive something that you experienced and stop at certain parts of the story to ask yourself, “What was I thinking in that moment?” See if you can remember some of the inner dialogue that you had back then that you can share now. Chances are you too will find some good, authentic, humor while staying true to your story.


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Craig Valentine

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