How to Quickly Customize Your Speech for your Audience

One of the ways you can get brought back (re-hired) time and time again is through customization. Your audience wants to know that you know who you’re speaking to and that it’s not canned but fresh.

Click the video below to see a lesson on one easy way to customize your program through what I call the Puzzle Piece approach.

Sample Speaking Secret

It’s about more than just names and places

Keep in mind this is not simply a technique of using someone’s name or location. With these puzzle pieces, it’s about finding something about them that stands out. For example, I once followed a contest where the speakers tried to gross each other out with their speeches. Click the audio below and listen to what I said in that same exact spot in my speech:

Same Spot, Different Words

In that same exact section of my speech, I have used the following lines based on something specific about my audience.

The stem was, “He doesn’t know that one day I’d wake up and speak…”

  • …in my ultimate destination, Elko
  • …to a wonderful group but WAY too early in the morning
  • …in a room that feels like a frozen tundra

The point is, you can use anything about them or the situation that is interesting or noticeable.

Your Turn

Do you have a place in your speech that can be customized every single time with a word or sentence? Feel free to share it here or simply comment on this approach. I look forward to hearing from you.

Craig Valentine

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