How to Keep Your Speeches Fresh Instead of Stale

Sharing a spontaneous moment with an audience member in South Africa

Have you ever watched a speaker and thought the following to yourself? “It looks like this person has given this speech hundreds of times. It doesn’t seem fresh.” Or you thought, “He doesn’t really seem connected to his own message.”

The Issue

Oftentimes the issue for these speakers is the fact that they HAVE given the speech hundreds of times and so it doesn’t FEEL fresh to them anymore. When this happens, they tend to be disconnected from their speech and the audience can see right through them.

One Great Solution

Before I take the stage, I always say to myself, “May I forget myself, remember my speech, and touch my audience.” Then I say, “Let’s go beyond giving a speech and make this an EXPERIENCE!”

By telling myself to make it an experience, I remind myself to look for the spontaneous moments. These are the moments that keep the speech fresh for me and for my audience. They also automatically customize the speech for my audience because they understand (or at least feel) that, “This has only happened here.” That’s always the way I want my audience to feel.

See for Yourself

Take a look at the following video lesson on using spontaneity to keep your speeches fresh.

Your Turn

Do you embrace the spontaneous moments in your speech or do you avoid them?

Can you share a nice spontaneous moment you’ve had recently while speaking?


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