How to Immediately Make Your Speech More Interesting

As a speaker, whenever you make a general statement of the way things were all of the time or most of the time, the 2-step formula that will immediately make your speech much more interesting is this:

  1. Give a sample example
  2. At the end of your sample example, let your audience know, “And this is how it was all of the time.”

That way your audience will be able to feel how it was for you and they will realize that, as with any sample, there are likely many more similar situations that occurred.

Deanna’s Story (Her Truth)

One of my coaching clients, Deanna, made the following general statement to me: “I was in a toxic relationship and I felt like I was always walking around on eggshells.”

I coached her on the 2-step sample example formula and here’s what she decided to share.

Breakdown of the Sample/Example Formula

  1. Instead of just giving us a blanket statement that her marriage was toxic (which we can’t really grasp or feel) Deanna decided to use the cooking story to illustrate how things were.
  2. Deanna then let us know that’s how she always felt…walking around on eggshells.


Your Turn

Have you ever made any general statements about your situation? Can you pick a sample example to illustrate that situation? Afterwards, what can you say to let us know that’s how things always were or usually were?


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