How to Have Your Audience Love the End of Your Stories

You’re about to pick up one tool you can use to have your audience members remember your speech for years and another tool to have them feel extremely satisfied with the ending of your stories. The tools are called the StoryWrap Method and the Parallel Payoff

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You just saw the steps for using the StoryWrap method. When it comes to using the Parallel Payoff, it’s more of a matter of paying attention to what your audience is thinking.

When you take us through the problem, take us through the payoff”

The Parallel Payoff

Whenever I’m coaching someone, I have them search for the parallel payoff during the change part of the story. For example, I was coaching a speaker a few months ago and, part of the conflict to her story involved her going to an Academic Advisor when she was in high school and telling her she wanted to get a certain internship. The advisor said, “You’re not cut out for that.”

She then talks about being upset and she escalates the conflict until she has her breakthrough. She gets the internship and that’s happily ever after, right? Not yet! What do you think I asked her? Think parallel. I said, “Be honest, after you got the internship, did you ever go back to that advisor?” She looked a little embarrassed and she said, “Yes.” I said, “WELL WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HER?” She said, “Nothing. I walked into her office, looked at her, laid my internship welcome letter on her desk, and walked out.”

I had to laugh because it took me back to my days of being a process server.  She laughed too but the point is it was necessary to look for that parallel payoff because we didn’t want to leave her audience with any unanswered questions when she was done. The parallel payoff helps with that. Whenever possible, whatever (or whomever) is part of the problem should come back up in the payoff.

Your Turn

What story do you have that has a parallel payoff?


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