How to Get Your Audience to Trust You as You Keep them Engaged, Excited, and Entertained

There’s a strategic, fun way you can  earn your audience’s trust while you go beyond giving a speech and, instead, create an experience.

It’s as simple as asking your audience if they’ve seen somebody do something and if they’ve also done it. Take a look.

The 2 Most Important Words?

In addition to the involvement we get with the “Seen it? Done it? Method, there are two very important words that follow it. Guess what those two words are? They are “Me too.”

When you say, “Me too,” you are basically confessing that you’ve made the same mistake they have. Why is this important? Because it makes you similar to them and makes it easier for them to know, like, and trust you.

Take another look at the “Seen it? Done it?” Method followed by the “Me too.”

Say It In Different Ways

It’s important to know that you don’t always have to use the exact phrase of “Me too.” In addition to “Me too,” you can use phrases like

  • I have as well
  • Same here
  • Likewise

But, rest assured, using these questions and confessions will bring your audience closer to you.

You can also use “Seen it? Been it?”

Sometimes you want to ask your audience if they’ve seen something and then ask them if they have BEEN that thing or if they ARE that thing. Take a look.

Your Turn

What “Question and Confession” can you use to get your audience involved, create an experience for them, and deepen your connection with them?

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