My Favorite Secret to Quickly Influence Your Audience and Get More Speaking Engagements

Selling the results in Australia

Whether you want to get more speaking engagements, be way more successful every time you’re on stage, or simply have much more influence in business and in life, the following lesson is for you.

It will help you create the life, speech, and income that you want. Ready? Dive in. Take a look at the following video lesson.




To make sure I am speaking in terms of “results,” I use the following 3-step process:

Step 1: Figure out the feature I want my audience to have or the action I want them to take. For example, I want them to opt-in to site.


Step 2: Translate the feature ( site) into a result. I do this by using the phrase “…so that you can.” For example, I would say to myself (NOT to them), “Register for 52 Speaking tips so that you can…be 3 times better than the speaker you are today.” The “so that you can…” line generates the result because whatever follows that statement will be a result (i.e. 3 times better).


Step 3: Flip the result to put it before the resource. For example, now that I have the result (3 times better), I mention that first. I say, “Raise your hand if, a year from now, you’d like to be 3 times better than the speaker you are today.” After I mention that result, I bring up the feature, which, in this case, happens to be the 52 Speaking tips site. Just remember to state the results first.



Step 1: What’s one action you’d like your audience to take?

Step 2: Give one reason (result) why they should take that action. Remember, here’s where you can use “…so that you can…” in order to hone in on the result. This step is just the inner work you do so you will know exactly how to approach your audience about the action you want them to take.

Step 3: Flip it around and put the result before the resource. What would your sentence(s) look like now?


Your Turn Again

Give one results-based reason why someone should hire you to speak?





Craig Valentine

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