Energy Shifts: How to Take your Audience on that Rollercoaster Ride

Have you ever heard the following advice?

As a speaker you should take your audience on an emotional rollercoaster

Do you know why people dispense that advice? Because it’s true! You absolutely should take your audience on that ride. But how do you do it? One way is by using what I like to call energy shifts. In the following audio lesson, you’ll see exactly how to use them.

Warning: This audio is 16 minutes long, so listen to it when you have time. I promise that your return on investment will be worth the time.

 Takeaway Tools for the Energy Shifts

Extending your pause, which helps to keep your audience curious  (make them wait to see what happens next)

Twisting the story (which provides a drop or a rise)

Letting your reactions show us how you feel (so we can feel it too)

Taking something from your story, putting it into your audiences lives, and making them reflect on it

Changing your stress, rate, pitch, and volume

Using that Ron Arden inner dialog when you move from your story to your message by saying to yourself “But seriously this is what I came to tell you…”

Craig Valentine

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