The Energy Shift – One of the Most Neglected Yet Valuable Tools a Speaker Can Use

One of the ways to keep your audience on a wonderful roller-coaster ride and have them experience your message is to use the Energy Shift. When your energy shifts, so does your audiences and they stay connected to you as you take them to a new place.

See the video below for how Energy Shifts work.

Another Kind of Shift

Keep in mind that Energy Shifts can also go from serious to more playful. Recently I coached a speaker who started his speech with a few poignant, serious questions.  After the questions, he said, “Come with me back to 1982 when…” The problem was he stayed at the same serious energy level that he was at when he asked the serious questions. So I said, “After your questions and right before you go into your story, change the energy.” He did and THAT’S when it felt like we were going to a much lighter and livelier place in his past.


When in your speech or story do you use an effective Energy Shift? What do you say to yourself to facilitate that shift? For example, I usually say to myself, “Okay, let’s switch gears here and take this seriously.” That inner talk helps me shift my energy and lead my audience to a new place.

Craig Valentine

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