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8 How to Test Your New Speaking Material

If you want to thrive in speaking and continue to get opportunity after opportunity, that’s as easy as ABC. ABC stands for… Always Be Creating” Resting on your old material will eventually make your speeches go stale. Creating new, fresh material is a pathway to creating speeches people talk about for years and getting hire […]

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19 20 Reasons Speakers do NOT Connect with their Audiences

You might have the greatest content in the world, but, if you do not connect with your audience, it all goes to waste. That’s like being on the phone and having something very important to tell your friend but the call keeps dropping. No matter what you had to say will not get through. However, […]

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13 12 Deadly Storytelling Mistakes Many Speakers Make

The most important skill in speaking is storytelling. However, many speakers make storytelling mistakes that damage their speeches. Below are 12 of the mistakes I see on a regular basis. Avoiding these mistakes will automatically help you make a greater connection and impact each time you speak. Suggestion: You might want to tack these points up somewhere where you […]

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11 7 Speaking Secrets from a 7-Minute Coaching Video

Audiences remember what they see and what you say. As you watch the following video of me coaching another speaker, you will pick up 7 Secrets that will help you… Breathe life into every story/speech Uncover organic humor Make your message memorable   7 Speaking Secrets Secret #1: Don’t be the hero of your own […]

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