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14 4 Mistakes that Make You Lose Your Audience

Mistake #1: They Tell the audience about themselves Have you ever heard a speaker say something like, “We all have problems and challenges that we need to overcome.”? What’s wrong with that statement? Here it is. Your audience members do not want to be told about themselves. A statement like that makes them think, “You […]

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3 How and When to Move on Stage

 Patricia Fripp once told me, “Craig, people won’t remember what you say as much as they’ll remember what they see when you say it.” In other words, you must make your speeches very visual. I’ve often told people that speaking involves a series of scenes. You move from one story and scene into another. But […]

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22 Video: Use the Back-to-Back Story Method to Influence Your Audience

Using two stories back-to-back is often a very effective way to influence your audience, especially if one story represents a “don’t” and the other story represents a “do.” Why? It’s because the contrast in the stories helps to make the “right way” decision clear. In this video, I use two stories back-to-back to make one clear […]

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