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8 How to Test Your New Speaking Material

If you want to thrive in speaking and continue to get opportunity after opportunity, that’s as easy as ABC. ABC stands for… Always Be Creating” Resting on your old material will eventually make your speeches go stale. Creating new, fresh material is a pathway to creating speeches people talk about for years and getting hire […]

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19 20 Reasons Speakers do NOT Connect with their Audiences

You might have the greatest content in the world, but, if you do not connect with your audience, it all goes to waste. That’s like being on the phone and having something very important to tell your friend but the call keeps dropping. No matter what you had to say will not get through. However, […]

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6 Lift your Speech with Spontaneity

  That past 12 years of professional speaking have taught me something invaluable that I never expected to learn about audiences. Your connection to them often comes from what you didn’t plan to do or say   Spontaneity Sparks Speaking Success Surely you can connect with your planned content. However, audience members love to feel […]

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