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5 Craig Valentine

3 Speaker Tools for Mastering Character Interaction In Your Stories

One of the most difficult challenges for many speakers is to master character interactions inside of their stories. This is because they haven’t quite figured out the proper and natural mix of narration and dialogue. In my experience, too many speakers use way too much narration. As a result, they end up retelling the story […]

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The Back to Back Storytelling Method for Influencing Your Next Audience

Using two stories back to back is often a very effective way to influence your audience, especially if one story represents a “don’t” and the other story represents a “do.” Why? It’s because the contrast in the stories helps to make the “right way” decision clear. In this video (from all the way back in […]

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A Crescendo – Do Not Go Into Your Next Speech Without One

Many speakers tell stories that have some ups and downs and maybe even good emotional twists and turns, but they don’t often reach a crescendo. Crescendos are so important because they are the defining moments that bring the audience’s energy to its highest point. Without them, your audience can easily be deflated. What’s a Crescendo? […]

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