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11 7 Speaking Secrets from a 7-Minute Coaching Video

Audiences remember what they see and what you say. As you watch the following video of me coaching another speaker, you will pick up 7 Secrets that will help you… Breathe life into every story/speech Uncover organic humor Make your message memorable   7 Speaking Secrets Secret #1: Don’t be the hero of your own […]

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20 Using Hitchhiking Humor – Ways to Make Every Story Funnier

What is hitchhiking humor? It’s the humor you pick up on the way to your punch line. Let me explain. Often I put a story together and I know what the punch line is going to be. However, at times, through testing, I get a laugh much sooner than I thought and in an area I […]

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6 The Explosive Activity

  Before you see exactly what an Explosive Activity is, take a look at how it benefits you. After all, it has the power to transform and even save average presentations and turn them into unforgettable experiences for your audience.    Benefits of an Explosive Activity Energizes your Audience (and you) while they learn Gives […]

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