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11 Customize Your Speech with Call Backs (The PEST Formula)

One of the most important success factors in public speaking is your ability to customize your speech to make each audience feel like, “This has only happened here” and “This message is truly for us.” In other words, they don’t want a “canned” speech. They want it to be fresh. You can accomplish this in […]

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How to Keep Questions from Ruining Your Speech

Have you ever been advised to ask questions in your speeches? It’s sound advice, because questions can benefit you and your audience in many ways. However, I’ve seen many speakers destroy their speeches because of how they asked their questions.   Are You Really Interested? I’ve seen speakers ask questions only to have their audience […]

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4 What Are Two of the Most Persuasive Words in Speaking?

Average speakers get a good response, but exceptional speakers get their audiences to take action. Exceptional speakers help change lives long after they have finished speaking and that’s why they get rehired time and time again. How do speakers become exceptional? They learn the tools that prompt their audience members to go beyond listening and to take […]

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13 Craig Valentine on Stage

20 Ways to Ruin a Speech

This post has a strange title because I’m sure your objective is not to ruin your speech. However, if you understand some of the ways we ruin our speeches, you can avoid making these mistakes and take your speeches to greater heights. Here are 20 ways speakers ruin their speeches. Some of the points have […]

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