Connecting with my audience in Tokyo, Japan

The Wrong Questions to Ask As a Speaker

What’s wrong with asking your audience the following question? “What is standing between you and your goal?” The problem with that question is you are basically telling your audience there’s something standing between them and their goal. You’re assuming. Some of your audience members might think, “You don’t know me. Why are you telling me […]

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20 Ways to Destroy Your Speeches

This post has a strange title because, I’m sure your objective is not to destroy your speech. However, if you understand some of the ways we do destroy our speeches, you can avoid making these mistakes and, instead, become a much more impactful speaker. Here are 20 ways speakers destroy their speeches. Some of the […]

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One Thing a Speaker Should Always Do Is…

Below there are two videos. In the first video, Taharka tells you that the police arrested him when he was a teenager. Take a look for yourself. Now take a look at the 2nd video in which Taharka makes a key revision. What’s the main difference between the first video and this second […]

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