31 Intangibles of Speaking – 20 Ideas to Have Presence and Speak from the Heart

Have you ever seen a speaker who seemed to be doing all the right things but still didn’t connect with the audience? Have you ever been that speaker? It’s like something is missing that you just can’t put your finger on. Well, I believe that’s where the following intangibles of public speaking come into play: […]

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24 The Rhythm of Speaking

Years ago, one of my coaching said to me, “Craig, you have a rhythm when you speak. How can I get a rhythm into my speeches?” I have to admit, at the time, I was stumped for an answer. I really hadn’t thought much about it. However, a few months later, it hit me. Speaking […]

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6 The Explosive Activity

  Before you see exactly what an Explosive Activity is, take a look at how it benefits you. After all, it has the power to transform and even save average presentations and turn them into unforgettable experiences for your audience.    Benefits of an Explosive Activity Energizes your Audience (and you) while they learn Gives […]

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