8 Minutes Including 2 Rarely Used Tools that will Forever Improve Your Stories

Connecting with my audience members in South Africa

As you may know, I have an entire Speak and Prosper Academy and we have Monthly Implementation Calls (MICs) to help members put these valuable tools into action.

Every now and then, I share a short section of one of the calls to those outside of the Academy so that they too can use a few of these tools to build life-changing speeches.

Sample of Jumping on the MIC

The following 8 1/2 minute excerpt features two dialogue tools that will immediately set you apart from most speakers and empower you to go beyond giving a speech to creating a joyful and memorable audience experience.

Your Turn

  1. Pick a section of one of your stories and explain what you can do physically, or with your facial expressions, in-between the lines.
  2. Where in your story can you use projected dialogue? How was the other character looking at you? What did it look like he or she wanted to say? Now, finish the following stem:

She looked at me as if to say, “…”


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Craig Valentine

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