4 Keys to Opening and Closing Your Speech with Impact and Amazement

Your audience members will likely remember best what they hear first and what they hear last.

Therefore, it’s critical to frame your presentation in the most effective way. Watch the following special video (from the BRAND NEW FREE 7-Part World Class Speaking Toolkit) to see how to open and close your speeches in ways that will get you remembered, repeated, and rehired.

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Your Turn

What are some guidelines you follow for opening and closing your speeches in ways that get you remembered and repeated?

You gotta hear these 3 unsolicited voicemail messages I received! Don’t worry, I would never share them without their permission.

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Click here to listen to the first voicemail message from Deirdre Van Nest

Click here to listen to the recent voicemail message from Lefford Fate (immediately after delivering his keynote speech)

Click here to listen to one of the all-time great speakers (Willie Jolley) as he left me a voicemail message. He did NOT go through the WCS program but he did pick up some tools that we teach and use in the program.

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