3 Storytelling Keys No Speaker Can Afford to Miss

A couple of weeks ago I recorded a storytelling Teleseminar with Michael Hauge, a highly-successful Hollywood Script Consultant and Story Expert. I expected to learn a few good tips but ended up being blown away by his content. My stories (and your stories when you heed his advice) will never be the same again. They’ll be much improved and make even more of an impact.

3 Quick Keys

Below are 3 very quick storytelling excerpts from the Teleseminar. I strongly suggest that you participate in this post. How? Listen to each audio and then answer the questions I have underneath. You can answer them just for yourself or post your answers in the comments section. Either way, your stories will thank you.

Oh, and this is just the very tip of the iceberg of the teleseminar (which includes more than 25 solid and sometimes rarely used storytelling tips) that will be available in early August.

Coming in mid-August!!!

Coming in mid-August!!!


Audio #1

This first audio is simply what Michael describes as THE primary objective of storytelling

Questions – what story elements do you believe help you meet the primary objective of storytelling that Michael mentioned? Which element(s) do you feel you do well? What do you think you could do better to achieve this primary objective?


 Audio #2

This next clip provides a fantastic piece of advice for describing your characters and making them real for your audience.

Question – What’s one example of a character in one of your stories that you can describe using Michael’s advice?


Audio #3

This final clip includes one key (one of dozens) that will help your story achieve the primary objective of storytelling mentioned in the first audio clip of this post.

Question – When does the EXACT moment of conflict happen in your story?


I look forward to hearing from you!

Craig Valentine

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