3 Secrets to Selling your Message

Do you want to move your audience to action when you speak? 

Do you want them to want to listen to what you say next? 

Is there a next step you want your audience to take after your speech?

There should be! And it’s important to realize that when you are in speaking, you are in sales. However, it’s easy to sell people on listening or taking a next step when you know these 3 secret to selling your message.

Listen to the following 3-minute live audio and then take the Quiz below

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Question # 1: Never sell a product (or service or idea or yourself or change), always sell what?

Question #2: Put the _____________ before the resource?

Question #3: What was the result I promised my audience would get when they signed up for my 52Speakingtips.com site?

The real key to motivating your entire audience

Take your audience across the EDGE. In other words, offer them results that come from all 4 of these trigger categories.

E = Esteem more – offer results that have to do with recognition, self-confidence, self-esteem, fame, and attention. An example I use in my speeches is, “If you want to become known as the best speaker in your neck of the woods, then really listen closely to this next point.”

D = Do more – offer results that let them know they’ll be able to do more tomorrow than they can do today. Or make sure they know they’ll be able to do more than most people who don’t get the advice they’re about to get. An example I use is, “How would you like to make a deeper connection with your audience than you’ve ever felt before? Okay, this is a slight-edge principle…” Another example I use is, “When you get this next point, you’ll find yourself moving towards your goals, dreams, and aspirations, even while you sleep.”

 G = Gain more – Offer results related to making more money, cutting expenses, and saving time (i.e. letting your long road lead to their shortcut). An example I use is, “It’s important to realize that more buzz brings in more biz. So let’s look at how to get more of both.”

 E =Enjoy more – Offer results of more joy, adventure, and excitement and less stress, frustration and pain. An example I used way back in my World Championship speech was, “You’ll feel a peacefulness, a serenity, a tranquility that you never even knew existed. And sooner or later you will feel…fulfilled.” Those lines were very intentional to offer joy. Earlier in the speech I offered an Esteem result by saying, “You’ll have confidence exuding from every pore in your being.” Again, that was very intentional as I was crossing the EDGE. The only problem was, in a 7-minute speech, it’s not as easy and subtle as it is in a 30-60 minute keynote. Still, it’s worth doing because you want to hit everyone’s hot button.


Why does the EDGE Formula work?

It’s because you actually have several audiences inside of your audience. Keep in mind that different people in your audience will be moved by different motivations. Some will want more money. Others will be motivated by more recognition. Still, others will want more free time while others will be motivated by having less frustration and stress. The way to motivate all the people in your audience is to take them across the EDGE during your speech by offering results from each of the abovementioned categories. If you have 30-60 minutes, you should be able to do this seamlessly and subtly.

Review of the 3 Sales Secrets

Secret #1: Never sell a product, always sell the result

Secret #2: Put the result before the resource

Secret #3: Take your audience across the EDGE

If you want your audience to act on your message, which will give you a long-term impact on them, then follow these 3 secrets to selling your message.

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Craig Valentine

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