27 Phrases To Master the Stage


Ready to take the stage in Elko, Nevada

Ready to take the stage in Elko, Nevada

Wisdom comes from reflection. One of the best ways to prosper as a speaker is to plant seeds that help you grow. Here are 27 of my phrases that, if internalized, can help you take your speaking to greater heights.  

 You might consider saving them in a place you pass by often so they can sink into your subconscious mind and automatically boost your speaking.





  1.   You can’t have an effect if they don’t reflect
  2.   When you lift yourself up, you let your audience down
  3.   Tease them before you tell them
  4.   Turn their pain into your promise
  5.   Speak like you talk, not like you write
  6.   If you take us through the problem, take us through the payoff
  7.   It’s the look before and after that line that makes the line
  8.   What’s loose is lost (always tie each message to an anchor)
  9.   Speak to one but look to all
  10.   Too many speakers try to get across too much information in too little time
  11.   Don’t add humor; uncover it
  12.   What gets recorded gets rewarded
  13.   It’s not about perfection, it’s about connection
  14.   Put the process, not the person, on a pedestal.
  15.   Never sell a product, always sell the results
  16.   Don’t speak for standing ovations; speak for standing invitations
  17.   No phrase, no stage
  18.   If you are always dynamic, you are no longer dynamic
  19.   Don’t make it up, dig it up (your story is in you and waiting to be told)
  20.   Let me forget myself, remember my speech, and touch my audience
  21.   You can’t create a message without first creating a mess. After all, a message is just a “mess” with “age”
  22.   The phrase determines what stays
  23.    A confused mind says no but a clear mind says go
  24.   Put the result before the resource
  25.   The harder your journey, the higher their conversion
  26.   Sell the belief before the relief
  27.   Let your long road lead to their shortcut


Your Turn

What phrases have you come up with that guide you with your speaking?




Craig Valentine

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