2 Storytelling Tools That Will Instantly Transform Your Speeches and Your Audiences

Me speaking at a recent conference…definitely using these 2 storytelling tools

Dialogue is what breathes life into your stories and makes your audiences come alive.  The problem is most speakers only use one type of dialogue and that keeps them and their stories very limited.

Take a look at 2 (out of the 7) of my favorite types of dialogue that will get you to connect with your audiences deeper than you have likely ever felt.

Welcome back. Keep in mind the stems (the set-ups) you can use for Inner Dialogue and Projected Dialogue. This is not an exhaustive list. Set it up the way you usually talk.

Inner Dialogue stems

I thought, “…”

I was thinking, “…”

I got to thinking, “…”


Projected Dialogue stems

He looked at me as if to say, “…”

She was looking at me like she wanted to say, “…”

You’re looking at me like, “Craig, I like this Projected Dialogue tool!” 


Note: With Inner Dialogue, you invite your audience members inside of your mind. With Projected Dialogue, you can go inside of theirs!


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