2 Questions to Make Your Audience Laugh and Connect Deeper With You

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There are two questions you can ask that will likely make your audience laugh, get them to reflect, and have them feel more connected to you.

What are the 2 Questions?

There are dozens of variations of these questions (or requests) but the key is to ask them back-to-back and in this order.


“Have you ever known a __________?”

“Have you ever been one?”

 Why The Blank Space?

The reason for the blank space is because you can fill it in with whatever you want. This can work for questions or requests. For example, listen to these two requests I make back-to-back.

Those two questions get the audience to reflect on their own situation and maybe even admit to something (in this case being negative). You can even uncover more humor by adding some form of the following (take a listen).

Another variation of these back-to-back questions is the following:

“Have you ever seen ___________?”

“Have you ever done it?”

For example, listen to the following audio:

How Does This Make Them Feel More Connected to You?

They can feel more connected to you because of two words you can use to show them that you are similar to them. Those two words are “me too.” Listen to the same questions to a different audience. Listen closely to what I say at the very end.

By getting them to admit that they’ve not only seen it but have also done it, and then to confess that you’ve done it too, has you come across as similar (rather than special) to them. That’s a good thing.

If they feel like you are special, they’ll likely think the following when it comes to heeding your advice.

“Of course the strategies work for him. He’s special. But they won’t work for someone like me.”

However, if they feel you are similar to them, they’ll likely think the following:

“Well, if those strategies worked for him, they should work for me. I’m going to try them.”

Watch One More Example of How You Can Use These 2 Questions to Connect with Your Audience

Take a sneak peak at me sharing this strategy with my Inner Circle so that they can use it to uncover humor, get their audience members to reflect, and to connect deeper with them.

Your Turn

What are 2 questions can you ask (using this format) in your speech?

Have you ever heard of this strategy? Have you ever tried it?

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