2 Irresistible Hooks to Keep Your Audience Engaged and Excited

Connecting with my audience in Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you don’t have hooks strategically sprinkled throughout your speech, chances are your audience will bail mentally if not physically.

You have to find ways to keep hooking your audience so THEY don’t want to let go.

Below you’ll find 2, out of my 7 favorite, super hooks that get your audience to say, “Tell me more” or “What happened next?”

Hook #1 – Attainment Hook

Listen to how I use the Attainment Hook in this speech.

The Attainment Hook is just how it sounds. You simply let the audience know what they can attain if they pay attention to what’s coming next. Think “results-based.” I mention that they’ll be able to make a deeper connection than they ever have before. That’s certainly something they want, but make sure to tease them before you tell them. Don’t give it up too soon. Make them wait for it and really want it.

Hook #2 The “Most People” Hook

Listen to the following example of me using the “Most People” Hook.

When speaking, always keep this in mind:

“Most people don’t want to be most people”

When I used to watch the master presenters, I realized many of them made statements like, “Most people do this” or “Most people do that.” Whenever I heard those statements, I’d say to myself, “Well, I’m NOT going to be like most people. I don’t want to be average. I want to do something different.”

That’s the effect the words “most people” have on people. For example, when I say, “Most people live their lives on get-set,” I know my audience is thinking, “That WON’T be me! Not anymore.”

Because “most people” are two of the most persuasive words in the English language, my audience members get very motivated to “go” rather than live on “get-set.”

Your Turn

What are some hooks you use to keep your audience tuned in and anticipating what’s coming next?


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